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New running route App

-- new to me anyway!

I have just installed an App called RUNGO available for Apple and Android phones rungoapp.com/

Basically it is a "running partner" who tells you where to run - great for those who tend to get lost in unfamiliar areas :) - like me!! So far, all I have done is to create a route in my local ( well known) area which I will run as a test shortly -- the creation of the route was easy and quite intuitive. If it works OK - there are other routes that others have uploaded

Looks like it could be quite useful to me.

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OOh, do you get spoken instructions like "turn left here"? That sounds very useful, let us know how you get on with it.


That's what they say!! :) Will let you know.


This looks great, but is it really only available in Vancouver, London, San Francisco, Sydney, Washington DC, New York, Seattle and Toronto? Sadly not much use if I'm visiting Birmingham or Cornwall :(

Are there other apps like this available, does anyone know? It's a brilliant idea for people like me who are - ahem - not good at directions :D


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