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Advice needed :(

I'm now recovered enough from my tonsilitis to run. It's my first run after ten days off. Prior to being poorly I was running 11km every other day.

Today I had to stop for s break after about 3km, then after 5km until finally at 5.6km I had to stop and ring my fiancé to collect me because I went really faint and heaved a few times.

Have I lost my fitness or is it just a bad day? I'm absolutely gutted and deflated please bring me good news!

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Perhaps it is a sign that you haven't recovered enough from your illness? You should start with short distances. Give your body some more time!


Viruses are horrible, you're not better yet. Rest a bit more then try again.


If you normally run 10k every other day you will have lost very little fitness in a couple of weeks. You are clearly not recoverd from your tonsilitis.


Running (or any physical exertion which can be measured) really shows up the effects of illness and while you may feel fine doing everyday stuff you realise how long it takes your body to get back to normal after an illness. Give it a few more days and you will get back up to speed and distance in no time.


Thank you all, judging by the fact I've developed a cough that I didn't have before is a good demonstration that I'm not recovered! I think it just gave me a bit of a shock, 11km is a challenge for me but I certainly never normally have to stop! Roll on recovery! X


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