Couch to 5K

Week 2 Day 1 Part Deux

Back in March I got to the end of week 7 but then strained a ligament in my knee. Went to see my GP who asked me how I did it. Then had to explain the whole Couch to 5k thing to her. Her replay was, "very laudable but don't you think 5k is a bit ambitious. What don't you try 2.5"!. Anyway a few weeks rest and I went out to re-do Week 4, my knee decided it didn't like that. So now here I am 8 weeks later back at the unappealing landscape of square 1. Ho hum.

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Why do GPs exhibit such negativity? NHS C25k is just about the gentlest way to start running, although I know Bazza has recommended some other plan that he did prior to C25k. It might be worth searching his posts. Do you know how you strained your ligament? Did you stumble or did it just occur through normal running. There are knee strengthening exercises here

Back at square one......throw the dice and proceed with caution. Good luck.


Thanks, I think I twisted it out on the common. I've recently moved offices so now walk 2 miles a day to and from work so I think that's helped too.


well, good luck.. injuries are hard... they are part and parcel of the process i guess though...MIGHT be worthwhile seeing if you can get in touch with physiotherapist through your GP's surgery ( helpful though they do NOT seem to be!) to get a hold of some ' strengthening exercises' - I ruptured my Anterior Cruciate ligament in one knee a couple of years back ( and had replacement surgery done) and I know both after the accident ( skiing) and post surgery, I got a lot of strengthening and balance exercises from the physio that were very good...

they actually had it as a handout.. so that might be useful...

Doing those sort alongside c25k might well give you more cause for optimism.. ( I know part of the worry about injury is the FEAR it causes you may do it again.. ) .. and therefore allow you to relax more..


I do feel for you but at least you got to week 7! I have a sprained ankle and only got to week 2 and 7 weeks on can't even achieve week 1 ( tried it but had to stop) it's so frustrating though isn't it. Feel I just can't get off this flipping couch. Hopefully time will heal and we will be flying before too long.speedy recovery to you☺️


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