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99kg and never run, advice appreciated!

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New to the forum and new to running! As mentioned I weigh 15st and 6lb and haven't exercised in years. I would like to use the c2k primarily for fitness and hopefully losing weight will come along with a healthy diet too.

I tried Wk1R1 last night and could barely finish it. I got halfway through and just walked the rest.

I wonder if anyone has any advice, hints and tips and inspiration!

I'm at the start of what seems to be a long and difficult journey, I'm finally ready to address my obesity and no longer live in denial, get fit and feel better.

Thank you

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Congratulations on starting Saffy. C25K is for everyone, so although I don't know whether you are male or female, old or young, tall or short, I do know you can do this. I was obese when I started the program. Although it is a 9 week program there is nothing that says you have to do it in 9 weeks. If you can't complete a week then repeat it. I had to occasionally take 2 rest days between runs as my knees would sometimes feel not ready for the next session. Perserverence will see you through and after what seems like a great amount of effort will come real enjoyment and satisfaction. Which is certainly worth working hard for. Laura is a great teacher and motivator. Good luck.

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Thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement! I'm looking forward to the enjoyment and satisfaction you mention. Thanks again

Yesterday you hadnt exercised in years today you have. And what a brilliant choice you have made. The best thing you can do is take it slow, then go slower again . dont. think about speed or distance just think about completing the time. If it takes a few goes to complete the time, so what it is still exercise, it is building up your stamina and you were doing nothing yesterday so any small change is better than that

. You will soon start to feel fitter and more confident in your runs. Look around you there are people of all shapes and sizes running so feel proud for starting. I am about to start week 9 having never and i mean never run in my life. I can now talk breath and run all at same time which is incredible. This programme along with calorie counted healthy eating choices and will power have helped me lose just over 2 stone and 2 dress sizes, but most importantly made me so much fitter. Stick at it be positive anyone can do this with self belief. Once you get running into your head your whole mental attitude will change, it is so good for you mentally as well as physically. i will wear my graduation badge with pride. Hope fully this time next week. Enjoy and keep posting you will get loads of support on here

Thank you for your lovely comment and support, you have definitely given me perspective! I'm looking forward to being able to talk and run at the same time, and congratulations on your success! Thanks

Welcome to our happy little forum we are a really supportive bunch. You have made the perfect start to C25k. It is all about going at your own pace. Next time you go out do the same run and see how much farther you can get. When you feel comfortable with wk1 run1 move on to wk1 run2. If you progress through the program like that at the end you WILL be running for 30 min. Remember slow and steady, there are a lot of us who had to repeat runs so your not alone in that and it is always better to be out there trying that not being out at all. Good luck and happy running, keep coming back to let us know how you are doing.

Thank you for the warm welcome! I'll definitely be taking your advice for slow and steady, I'm looking forward to completing wk1r1 and will post as soon as I do! Thanks


This programme is brilliant --- BUT when I first looked at it ( at age 67) , I could see that it was too much for me . So I did this similar 7 week programme first mayoclinic.org/healthy-life...

The running times are shorter and only ever get to to running a maximum of only 30 seconds even after 7 weeks -- but does get you up to running 6.4Klm using 30 second run/walk intervals.

After I had finished that programme , I felt able to commence C25k and I had no difficulty with it at all once starting it. I have never since looked back!! :)

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Thank you for the great suggestion! I have downloaded the schedule and will definitely give it a go. Thank you!

I was a similar weight when I started. You'll find that you will want to lose weight to make the running easier. My advice is don't give up even if you want to. If you need to take more rest days between runs then do so but when you're running don't give in - get to the end of each run.

Thank you for your advice! I will keep this in mind the next time I'm out for a run, a common theme I'm reading in the forum is that perseverance is key. Thank you!


Hi. I started the program at 101kg and now, with 4 runs to go, I am 89kg.

I've not really followed any kind of diet while doing this., but my choices are becoming more healthy as I progress.

Week 1 was a struggle, but you can do this. Listen to Laura, nice slow pace, and keep up with the fabulous forum.

All the best.

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Thank you for your encouragement! Well done on your progress, it's always great hearing other peoples success who are in a similar situation, it motivates me to do better. Thank you

Oh yes, and run slowly REALLY SLOWLY. Do not run so fast that you can't finish. You've already done so well by getting off the couch. You can do it!

Thank you!


I am exactly the same weight as you, and was a bit heavier when I started. I thought I was going to die after the first run, but it gets easier. It is always tough and you'll ache, but you have started now so you have to go on and complete it. Starting is the hardest thing, and w1r1 is the hardest too.

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Thank you so much, makes me feel human hearing that I'm not the only one struggling at the first hurdle. Looking forward to when it becomes easier!


Kudos for the decision to get in control and for the sound basis of life changes in diet and exercise! Before I started C25K, I walked 5km per day with my dog for a month to get my body used to the idea that it was going to have to come round to exercise (I hadn't done any for 28 years, and that was at school).

The C25k programme is excellent - don't put too much pressure on yourself, take one day at a time and pat yourself on the back every time you get out there because it's an accomplishment in itself, whether you walk or run. If you need support or a kick up the bum to get your trainers on, this is the ideal place to hang out.


Hi - you can do this! I started in February and was 15st 12lb. Now I'm 13st 10lb and have run my first 10k!! Admitedly it was a very slow (88min) 10k but I was still pleased to complete it and have today entered another 10k in October. The programme works - just do what Laura syas and repeat any days that you need to. Just take it slowly and you'll be fine. Helen

There is lots of great advice already. The one thing for me above all is that day where you just dont want to run, it all feels too much, you dont think you can do it, THAT is the day you HAVE to show up and do it. THAT is the day you will feel like youve done something special.

Anything you do on this programme whether it takes repeating runs or weeks is better than sitting on the couch!

Keep going, post regularly and the lovely folks here will push you along.



I started this program last year at about your weight as well my first run I had to stop and lie down half way through but I kept going and managed to complete week 1&2 it took a few months to get through it though. I did stop but that was due to other issues in my life but back on track now and have just done my first week 4 run.

Just keep at it you can do it!


Hello, I'm 17stone and started c25k 11 weeks ago. Graduated yesterday (it's a 9 week program but I did week 1 and 2 twice!) o know that feeling. It was super hard that first week. I felt sure I couldn't do it! Finally did 3x 30 minute runs this week. You'll be surprised how much easier it gets. Some days I literally had to just put one foot infront of the other... But not once did I stop! Enjoy 😊. I kinda love that time now x


Well done on making a start on what will hopefully improve your life in so many ways. So many people of all ages and sizes have succeeded with this programme. Don't worry if you can't complete a run, just keep on working on it until you can. Don't worry about speed or distance either - the programme will get you to run for 30 minutes but that doesn't have to mean 5k in 30 minutes.

Find a routine and try to stick with it, as it is oh so easy to put off a run. Tell your nearest and dearest and have them support you. Celebrate small achievements along the way.

Good luck.

Firstly let me say good for you mate. I'm 54, 6'4 and 18st and hadn't run for years. I made it to the end of Week 7 before I strained a ligament in my knee and I'm just re-starting. Get some decent running shoes, if you're UK then Sports Direct have shoes for Β£25 which is what I currently use. To be honest I did week 1 in old trainers and some tracky bottoms I find in a drawer. Find a route you like, something with variety, get into a routine - run at the same time each time if you can, find something you like to listen to on your I-thing or smart phone and use on the apps available. Mostly have fun and if you don't find something else, swimming maybe.


I was in exactly the same boat (and same weight). 5'9", 99Kgs, minimal exercise for about 18 years and an office job.

The first run was a killer. Apart from being very tired, my left knee hurt & my right shin hurt. I pressed on, and slowed my pace down.

I'm now on week 5, and 94kgs. What I found helped my aches and pains is cross training, so I go to the gym to lift weights and do core exercises every other day before work (the days i'm not running) and I try and play squash once per week. Every night I also use a foam roller, mainly on my back. Also I can't express how much listening to music on my headphones has helped.

Week 4 I had extreme pain in my lower back / glutes, to the point that I couldn't run. So I took some time off and only put a couple of runs in over 2 weeks, as and when the pain eased. I then when back to week 3 (you can do that, no pressure).

Anyway, keep at it, and good luck.

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