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It's hot!

It's so hot that a glass of whole milk with ice and a big pinch of salt is almost unbearably blissful. It is not 5 mile run weather. I feel I could drink a lake dry.

Um, I guess the point I'm trying to make is do NOT 'nip' out for a run that you know will be beautiful and seduce you into extra distance if you're not carrying water. I have actual sparkly salt crystals on my face from sweating.

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Good point teafairy, best to take it and not use it, than be rasping, gasping and crystally! Good for exfoliation maybe? x :-D


Salty lassie drinks salty lassi...

I'll get me coat.


Ha ha Taxi for TT ! :-) Love it :-) xxx


When you get salty sweat running in your eyes it proper stings doesn't it!

Not been running at all in this recent hot spell due to being benched. Bah!


I went out this morning hoping it would be a good time because we had a bit of rain last night. Wrong! The humidity was brutal. After 1km I was a proper sweaty betty. By 5km I had just about had enough. You're right MissW sweat in the eyes stings!! I walked for a couple more km but that was it. I feel completely worn out now

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