Couch to 5K

3rd run done!

Finished my third run about an hour ago and feeling pretty good.

Somewhat annoyed that I didn't start the Runtastic app properly so it missed out a massive chunk of what I actually did though! A good third of it was lost to the late night ether. :(

Ah well, I'm doubling up on each week anyway, so I know I can do it right next time. And now I get a two day rest to recuperate properly! Will be interesting to see what affet it's had on any weight loss as well! :)

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Well done, you are doing great 😀

I know it can be frustrating when technology lets us down, I had a similar thing happen on my last run, had poor gps signal for some reason and although the time was correct, distances and pace were all over the place. When this happens I just concentrate on the fact that I did the running and that is after all the best thing😀

So congrats again and good luck with your next runs😀


Yeah, I was still happy that I did the run properly and, to be fair, it wasn't the tech that let me down, it was me not starting it properly :D


Don't worry too much about weight. Food will take care of that. Just think of rearrangement. Things will just firm up and re arrange themselves and will make you look good.


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