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Royal Parks 1/2 Marathon - win entry

Hi everyone,

I saw this and thought of you all... especially Dan as I thought it might be Richmond Park, but its the ones in Central London.

Anyhoo, 5 entries up for grabs in what looks like a free to enter lottery. Race is 11th October, here is the link:

Enjoy! :)


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I entered yesterday, on the IC and can't run but thought "why not". I am now thinking it will be just my luck to win, 😀 hehe.


LOL - that is like a proper impulse buy there RFC - entering and knowing you can't do it! :)

Now, where did I put those cheese earmuffs.... :)


Thanks Andy - I'm sure hundreds of people enter but it sounds like a lovely course so I've thrown my name in. You never know.



Well you've got to be in it to win it Ugifer, and like you say - you never know!


me too! its the day after my birthday! thanks for the link! :) it would be first HM if so!


No problem and fingers crossed! :)


Ssssssooo tempting. I've never ran more than 10k but I did run around St James Park / Buckingham Palace early one morning last week ( away with work) and it felt great :)


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