Couch to 5K

No more walk breaks :/

Just finished week 6 run 2! I loved the first 10 minutes - part of me wished that I hadn't stopped for the 3 minutes (although I did end up running an extra minute to get to a decent path) but when I think about the next run I get a bit terrified!

The last 5 minutes were a struggle, had to have a word with myself (and my calf muscle) but all in all very pleased I did it. I said to myself at the start that I'd just try this one and if I found it too hot then I'd give myself a break and just walk the route instead, but I didn't need to!

Happy running all :)

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Well done sar it was so hot I cut my run short tonight. Onwards and upwards!

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Well done Sar ! 28 degrees here in Manchester at tea time !

Blimey , it's like being in the tropics !

Big up to you for getting out there :-) xxx

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Thanks! I waited until half 8 and it was cloudy and there was almost a breeze!!!


well done.. the NEXT run 6:3 (25 mins) will satisfy you .. no walking breaks!! Having just done it Sunday I can say.. ( and i was dreading it beforehand since i didn't ' enjoy' the 20 minutes') you SOOOOOOO can do it.. and once you have once you know you can again..

OLD story.. take it slow , take it easy... you are ready for it!! Let us know how it goes...


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