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Training for a HM and MyAsics

Hi all,

I'm contemplating entering the Oxford Half Marathon in October and with a view to starting training for it, and having seen it recommended on here, I've signed up with MyAsics (and gotten the app for my phone) and done a preliminary plan.

What I've noticed is that the run days seem to be all over the place, rather than on set days of the week (e.g. Tuesday and Thursday).

Does it actually matter to the plan when you do the runs? If it says I should be running on Wednesday and I run on Tuesday is it going to get stroppy with me?

Also, I set the plan up for 2 runs a week, because I want to keep one of my weekly runs aside for parkrun. Is there a way of factoring that in to the plan?

Likewise, can you tell it a preferred day for longer runs? Some of the runs later in the plan it has me down for 17km and there is no way I'd get that in before work.

Does anybody have any other recommendations for an app/podcast for HM training?

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If you click on reschedule my plan then you can drag runs and place them on days that suit you.


Print it out and tweak it to your needs... I'm following it for a 10 k (did it "My.. way" for the HM) but it's not really flexible so I just printed it to have an idea - I do the runs it says but on days that suit me.


Hi, Peter. As you know, I'm signed up for the OH. I'm following a Garmin 16 week training plan, and shadowing it with a myAsics plan. My plan has four runs a week. I simply substitute Parkrun for one of those runs. As ViaM says, you can move the run days around with myAsics.

I also followed a myAsics plan for the 10k Run Jericho event. It had predicted a 1:10:30 time for me at the beginning. I did it about six minutes faster. It'll be interesting to see my time for the HM, assuming I finish it!


Thanks guys. I didn't realise you could just drag the runs around.

I've now moved all of the runs (2 per week) to Tuesdays and Thursdays. Will probably have to re-jig things further as I go though.

From what I can make out I can log my parkruns (or any others that I manage to do) into the plan as well. I don't know if they will be factored into it or not but it's somewhere to put them at least.


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