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Problems with Garmin Connect

Anyone else having problems with the Garmin connect website? My watch is tickety boo and keeping all the history, but for about a week now I'm seeing nothing on the dashboard despite it saying it has downloaded. The blue dashboard is blank. I did manage to get into the site and did see all the data there, but haven't been able to since. I've changed my web browser on the Garmin advice, , uninstalled it and reinstalled it (about twice) and it's still not working, hubby isn't having a problem, one error message I did get said 'error something with Widget' I have contacted Garmin, but no response as yet, it's like the website keeps falling over, any ideas gang?

Thanks Mx

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Yno ideas,mbut yes i have been having similar trouble :/


Well I've emailed the UK contact bods, just have to wait and see what they say, I bet it'll be something like 'switch it off the on again' aaaaarrrrgggghhh!

😫 Mx


Yep, it's been playing up for me. Keeps saying that it has failed to sync and then sometimes my run will appear a short while later and other times I have to force send it through. The dashboard is acting a bit weird as well sometimes showing a 'page does not exist' error.

I love my Garmin but, goodness me, Garmin Connect can be a huge pain in the a$$!!


Thanks Frocky, it is frustrating, but yes, at least the watch is doing its thing.



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