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Running Week

So after last Mondays epic PB I concentrated on just running for Wednesday and Saturday. Still a pretty respectable time for both runs just over 31 minutes each run. This week though I tried a bleep test, just thought I would try something different and was pretty surprised that I got to just about level 7. I hadn't trained or even looked at that and whilst I know that's not many minutes in terms of running it was handy for me to see it as a starting point.

I am going to try the c25K+ soon although I seem to be a bit nervous about undertaking those, which is the best one to start with? Any thoughts as always will be appreciated.

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What's a bleep test please? I am also planning to try the other podcasts soon and haven't decided yet which one to start with...


A bleep test is a shuttle run over a 15 metre course and it measures your ability to increase pace over a period of time. Most services use it as a test to see how far their people can go and their overall fitness. You run back and forth and as the bleeps get faster you have to make it to the end of each end by the time the bleep goes off. It starts of slow but as you increase the levels you have to run faster and faster. It can be hard obviously depending on your fitness levels. Hope that helps.


WTF is a bleep test??? Also, the C25k podcasts are fab, you are more than ready. I still do speed on a weekly basis...good luck


Please see above.


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