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Ouch sore knees

I'm on a rest day but have recently completed week 5. I have very sore knees for the first time in the last 5 weeks. Meant to be starting week 6 tomorrow but I don't know if my knees are ready for it. Ironically they are more painful on resting than once I am up and moving about. Any tips to help or prevent this getting any worse. I am wearing running shoes that were fitted at a specialist retailer who examined my gait and running technique.

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Were you doing hill work? My knee ached a bit after a hilly run ! Don't run until the pain is reduced (can you take ibuprofren for the inflammation?) Is there any crepitus which would suggest you need to rest them? When you go for your first run I would suggest flat soft ground so there is less impact on your knees! Mine only hurt using the stairs and I managed a 5K run tonight with no pain thank goodness. I would have stopped if I had pain though ;)


Might be worth you investing in some kettle bells, hook one (pink one) over the end of your foot and do knee exercises. I think most knee problems are as a result of the muscles that support the knee cap not being developed enough. keep repeating the exercises and build strength in your knees.


I wouldn't! It could make it worse

You can get new runners niggles. It would be a miracle if you didn't. You're new to running and your body is letting you know that something has changed.

Hussain is right in that you need to do strengthening exercises to get you fit all over. Your skeleton has to be strong enough to support your running and you achieve that by working at it. Cycling, walking, swimming and exercises to strengthen you up. I use exercise DVD's at home, yoga and pilates, the whole lot. The Strength and Flex podcasts with Laura are good and they're free from the NHS Livewell site. They might even be on here. See links on the right in blue text.

I had a bit of knee pain, annoying more than anything else and I rested but it was still painful so I found I could run it off. As I got stronger it disappeared.


There is a website called knee pain explained that is really good. Loads of knee strengthening exercises. I struggled with mine in the first weeks but as my body got used to the new exercise regime, they have got stronger. Good luck.


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