Runners nd dogs

My husband was doing his w5r3 (20 min run) this morning. When he got chased by a dog. (Alaskan Malamute) So my husband got scared and ran faster. Dont think the dog was agressive. Just seen him as a play thing.

He only managed 17mins as he made himself tired. So he is going out to do it again the mora.

Have any of you fellow runners, ever had encounters with dogs. While out having your runs? 😊


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21 Replies

  • I got bitten on the arm as I went past an Alsatian. I think my pink top that I had tied round my waist scared her pup in front and she grabbed hold of me. Both owner and dog were mortified and it lasted only seconds. No skin broken only A little bruise. It has made me think to give a little more room in case the dog doesn't see me as they can have fast reflexes. On my occasion the owner had full control over her dog and they dog was very well trained one look form the owner and the dog released.

  • Aww no. Your lucky that your skin wasnt broken. My husband said the dog jumped out of the bushes. So he didnt have time to brace himself. But glad you are ok x

  • I've been tripped up by a puppy that the owner had on one of those retractable leads. The owner was busy on her phone and I hadn't seen the puppy until it ran between my legs...

    Apart from the embarassment of face planting on the pavement, it made holes in my running leggings, which was extremely annoying. The owner was apologetic, but damage done! I do generally try to give dogs a wide berth and owners are generally really good (often pulling their dogs close to heel while I pass by - which I always acknowledge and appreciate). They do allow dogs at our parkrun and I did have one run where for a while I was running between two dogs who were snapping and snarling at each other, which freaked me more than a little and was not pleasant.

    As I say, most owners are really considerate, but it only takes one uncontrolled dog to potentially ruin a run.

  • Youch!! I have to say i havnt tripped yet. But I have close. As the small ones always seem nosey and dance around my feet. Some owners dont call them back tho. If I was to stand on one by accident, im sure they will have something to say. Lol

  • Actually for the first time today I was a bit scared by a dog. Normally they're fine & I often talk to them on the way past, but the one this morning was an old dog, the owner wasn't paying a blind bit of attention & as soon as I said hello it started growling at me, so I just kept going & ignored it but it ran after me a little & kept up with the growly snarling noise. Thankfully I think ignoring it worked.

    Not sure if it was my jacket flapping round my waist or the bright pink outfit combined with my bright pink face or if it was just having a grump, but it certainly gave me a bit of a scare. I think what worried me most was that the owner had his back to me the whole time & I'm not sure he even realised I was there......

  • When I started c25k I did the first 3 weeks on the playing field behind my house. On one occasion I met a lady with her greyhound, the dog wasn't on a lead and she was on her phone. Her greyhound decided to run loops around me for about 3 turns and then come towards me and jumped. Freaked the living daylights out of me. I froze and she came towards me to get her dog and apologised. I said to her I don't care, just keep your dog away from me and then I left.

    Lets say that I don't go running around the field anymore, which is a shame because it's a nice space.

  • Frequently have encounters with dogs (which roam the streets of Santiago freely). Even on Saturday this dog jumped out from behind a car and started jumping and barking. Firstly, I stopped running as I think they look at runners as something to chase and luckily I was behind a woman and child. Passed the dog but would have been worried if I was alone.

    Recently, there was a woman who got attacked by a pack of dogs so I am very cautious !! I love dogs but I don't "free"dogs and ones where the owners are not responsible. Usually I keep a wide distance especially if they are leads as they can change direction and as runner you can get caught up in leads and trip like ASP encountered.

  • I pass at least 3 houses with dogs on my runs - all houses bar one have gates wide open, and never had a problem - but then I run with my dog, and they are usually more interested by her than by me. If i am not sure of the dogs behaviour I stop and walk slowly.

  • I dont like it when the owners say "its ok he wont bite" im like how do you know he wont?

  • Yes a number of times, its amazing just how many people there are in the UK who are not fit to own a dog, many have no control over the animal whatsoever. I sometimes carry a small can of sure deodorant, I won't hesitate to spray it if I had to in the animals eyes. Prior to that, only a few months ago, I was walking the route I sometimes run and have a walking pole, a guys dog started to snap at my ankles , I used the pole to keep the dog at bay, they guy threatened me and said "if you hit my dog I will hit you" I said if you do that, I will report you to the Police and your dog will be destroyed. Most in fairness are ok, its the usual story a few spoil things for many.

  • well not had problems with DOGS.. did once get overtaken by a particularly aggressive snail.. with 'go faster' stripes.. sneering at me..

  • Ha, I feel like this most runs too!

  • My hubby had a dog nip his arm a couple of weeks ago...didn't break the skin but left a bruise. The dog was actually on a on a lead! Husky type.

  • your husband or the dog?

  • That made me laugh :)

  • phew, that's a relief!

  • The same dog has run at me on two different occasions with the owners initially being unaware until the dog barked. Although he didn't worry me, I did make a comment about keeping dogs under control, to which the woman said "Runners should stop running near dogs". I politely pointed out that I had every right to run or walk, as I wished, on the public footpath, while they had a legal duty to keep their dog under control at all times. That sort of got the message across, but I did hear her mutter something about"Runners are so........" I'd gone by then and spent the rest of the run wondering what it was she had said. I half hoped that I would meet them again, so that I could, politely again, explain their responsibilities to them.

    The more frightening was a Rottweiler which totally ignores its owner's pathetic orders, and while it seems playful I would fear for a small child running by.

    I love dogs, but do doubt that some people should be owners.

  • I had a close encounter a while ago. I was on a path when I came across a number of travellers caravans. There were several quite wild looking dogs all tethered but one on a long lead bit me and drew blood. As soon as I got back I called the doctor, went straight in and had a tetanus injection plus a course of a strong antibiotics. It was a bit sore for a while.

    I'm on another health unlocked site for a chronic lung condition and I have to say a beneficial side effect was that my constant coughing cleared up for several weeks.

    Was it the dog bite or the antibiotic !

  • I once went for a job interview ( years ago) when I arrived at the pub they had put me up at the night before the owners dog ran up to me, thinking it was a welcome I pit my hand down to pat its head and it bit my hand, broke the skin too When I told next morning at the day long interview, they were mortified,, rustled up a tetanus jab first the day went on I got more and more spaced out....

    They offered me the job at the end of the day, but I turned them down. 6 months later their American owners came over and closed the whole place down , laid off 500 people..

    And the moral of the story is? Answers on a postcard to Blue Peter, Utterly Useless competition, London, w1a 1aa

  • Dogs have been the bane of a lot of my runs and I've come to the conclusion that a lot of people don't have a clue about how to handle them properly. The majority I've met come right up to me, a few have growled and bared their teeth and more than a few have followed me running around my feet. I like dogs (don't love them) and I do think the majority just want to play but it spooks me out as they are animals and so unpredictive and many owners just can't or won't discipline them properly.

    Apart from a few occasions, most people don't even apologise for their dog's behaviour! Rant over, but I think you've got the picture!

  • Dogs are naturally chasers and see you as something to run after . Then there are the yappy type who just won't shut up. I run with my sister's dog a lot of the time, and he is so busy jogging that he ignores other dogs, and they stay away from him. He is a large 7stone Labrador though. He gets excited when he is not on a run and then sees a jogger as he wants to run with them. I do think its hard when your running through a park where dogs can be off the lead that they will run at you. Its their owners recall that's not working if they run after you. Saying that it does take puppies a while to learn this .

    Most people are apologetic but there are irresponsible dog owners who thinks its fun to watch their dog chase you. Its not nice I know.

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