New dogs

New dogs

As a few of you may know, I started running after the death of my old dog ( black lab) almost exactly a year ago ( no idea when, remember it WAS April)  .. Since then I graduated from c25K and continue with health improvements  ( although i must be a fair weather runner done VERY little actual running  during the long , cold  , wet winter months) so with the spring comes new growth and a pic of two NEW dogs.. ( over 4 months old now), Bill and Ted..   ( and a fond memory of Sirius, the Dog star) and a new commitment to build on what i did last year...


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40 Replies

  • Gorgeous ! 2 proper little running buddies , has one of them been eating your shoe ?

    Lots of fun and games at your house I would imagine ! :-)

    Happy Runniversary to you and thanks for posting the pic xxx

  • well there are a few ( old) shoes left around for them... thankfully they tend to chew on those.. they are not QUITE ready to be out on the road running as yet...  and I dont know many good off road trails for running (apart from dog walking places)  but yes i expect they WILL eventually make good running companions...SOOO much energy it scares me.. 

  • Yes, they will keep you on your toes that's for sure ! You will be able to explore new running places too .

    Good times ahead for you, have fun ! :-) xxx

  • Well that's a good thing as you will be forced to get out rain, snow or blow, and if the opportunity presents itself, you can break into a run. They will let you know when 😊

    I have dogs this weekend, and one into next week, so I will be out there burning some calories.  I lost all my excess weight from dog walking, and it was only when I got much lighter that I wanted to run so I could keep up with the dog 😊 

    It is so sad when you lose a dog, it is awful and you grieve for ages.  Your new ones will help you over it immensely ☺

  • sorry Im a hard hearted SOB , so I dont do ' loss' or ' grief' personally..  but equally soft enough to give in to requests of nearests when it hurts them.. 

  • Yes you do, you just do it differently, which is fine.

  • Happy runniversary! At least something good came out of your loss... and it looks as if you are set to have an Excellent Adventure or two... :)

  • thanks... and for the ' Bill and Ted' pun.. is the correct answer! 

    have NO idea if its a ' runniwhatsimacall' it or not, vaguely remember it was April...  

  • Totally Bogus! Not too much running for them yet but they will certainly keep you on your feet. Enjoy them.X

  • They RUN like MAD already...   but also taking them to puppy training classes ( god KNOWS what they'd be like without them...)

    and  EXCELLENT pun... 

  • Rainshine beat me to the excellent adventures.....

    Ahh fond memories, I took my spaniel to puppy classes but she was too excited to do much so we had a long break and then took her back to start bronze class when she was 18 months old. Now she's 6, in the graduate class even though she really is the naughtiest dog there. Spaniels are hard work, they're always busy but I wouldn't trade her for anything!

  • Imagine the ' pleasure' doubled!!! 

  • God forbid....

  • one (Ted) is eager but dim...  Bill however is clever... but you never KNOW if hes gonna decide..' Nope not today... I spent one entire puppy class with him straining (and throttling himself int eh process) to get away to his brother.. next week he's good as gold.. 

  • Sounds about right.... Last lesson Lucy did sausage refusal perfectly, then whilst we were cleaning the hall, she got the sausage container out of a bag which was on a table, undid the clips on the sides and helped herself to the remaining sausages. Told you she is naughty. I used to have two boxers, far easier than one spaniel. Good luck with two of them, you must be mad.

  • CLEVER though... you have to give them credit for THAT!!

  • aah they are gorgeous and just what you need to keep you on your toes! :)

  • its getting me OFF my toes thats the problem.. 

  • They are two handsome dogs for sure. They look full of personality and i'm sure will be keeping you busy! 

    The one at the back (is it Bill or Ted), looks as if to be saying, "It wasn't me who chewed the shoe...." The one at the front looking into the camera's saying, "Yeah it was!"

  • Ha ha Sarah , it does ! :-) xxx

  • Bill at the front ( clever but naughty) Ted at the back ( Ted is RED on collar - only way we can tell 'em apart at times) nice but dim ( and needy!!) 

  • The ONLY big regret was we didnt get a chance to register their ' Kennel club' names ( was done by the breeder) .. would SO have loved to have registered them as ' Bill S Preston Esquire' and 'Ted' Theodore Logan....  

  • I'm sure you'll have a most excellent time with the puppy training and eventual running ;-) they're quite a sporty breed aren't they? They look like lovely companions

  • welcome back first and foremost..  I'm not actually a  ' dog person' myself.. prefer cats :P 

  • Thank you :-)  cats are wonderful too, I love both dogs and cats, so it was one of each for me!

  • well its now two dogs one cat.. Enough for me

  • Oh this has made me smile... someone once thought I must be an ardent royalist because of my children's names when really it was because of a certain film or two...

    I occasionally have a second spaniel in the house. Ye Gods you've got your hands full! (My spaniel took two years to house train... although she's got KC Silver award now) But I do credit her with very gently changing my priorities and improving my fitness.

  • well done on silver award!! More bling!! Xx

  • Bill and Ted ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    I'm sure Sirius is looking down from his star, barking encouragement to you as you build on last year's hard work. Good luck m'dear 

  • I think ill need it xx

  • Running with those two is going to be a brilliant workout for your arms. Very clever of you.

  • walking with them great upper body workout already!! Both in opposite directions!

  • Awwww, I see they have you well trained. The couch for them of course. 

  • what happened to ' cross spaniels' ?   I was all ready with.. ' Well they are a BIT grumpy at times , but we all have our moments..  

  • Hahaha, reading your story I first thought you had new Labradors but then looking at their ears and muzzles I could see Spaniel in them and assumed Cross Spaniel.  Once I read the other posts I realised they were Spaniel anyway so Duh.. Silly me....I removed my "cross Spaniel" .  Mea Culpa...

  • A video...

  • You should be able to attach a feather duster to their tails and they would do the dusting for you

  • well  THEY create all the dust in the first place!! about time they tidy it up too 

  • Lovely pups and so good you want to get back to it...

  • back to what? 😊

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