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Week 9 run 2...done

I think this run was a lot harder than i had imagined it would be because the first run went well and maybe I was a bit cocky in terms of believing it would be easy. It isn't but I am 1 run from graduating but that is not the goal. The next goal after graduating is doing a Park Run and seeing how I get on. I have used an app called track my run today so I know that I covered 5.32km from warm up walk, run and warm down walk. I suspect that my pace is a 35 minute 5k if I run all the way so it's not a bad thing.

Good luck to everyone else cos you can do it and beating the demons in your head telling you to stop is all the more worth it.

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Your next run is your graduation run. Why not give do a parkrun then and graduate with hundreds of other runners, in style. Print your barcode off tonight :)

good luck whatever you decide and well done.

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Ooh nearly there, well done. Sounds like you are running really well. Yes Parkrun is brilliant I would definately recommend registering and going along to one. It is there for everyone and I would have been happy with your pace when I first started. x 😊


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