Couch to 5K

Wk4 r3: awesome run

My first 2 runs of the week were good but i had a bit of a cold which has now passed. I really wanted to finish the week on a solid run.

Absolutely smashed this run. It felt great and I really enjoyed it too. It's great to be firing on all cylinders again. I REALLY needed a good hard run tonight, a lot of frustration from work and life at the moment which needed blowing off. Feeling great now.

New 4k PB of 30:49 over the moon with that!

Funny how 4wks in and i'm having a bad day i say to my wife "i need to go for a run". Seems to work for me :)

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Well done and good stuff.

Next up is probably the most pivotal week of the program but it sounds like you are ready to smash it.


Yep next week is certainly another step up. I think i turned a corner tonight and feel ready for the challenge. Bring it on!

I kinda felt like the walks were starting to get in the way. I was glad of a breather as i was really pushing hard tonight but it was killing a perfectly good stride that i was getting into. Odd. I used to look forward to the walk lol.


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