Best foot forward

What a surprise it was to find myself here already. Where has the time gone?

I did well with week 6 run 1. Successful completion. However I noticed on my cool down that my foot hurt a little. So I will have to watch that.

On the whole I think I'm pretty proud of myself. I wish everyone luck who is doing this run this week. I found if helped to remind myself, that I did 20 minutes already. And then on the last run I said things like well done 5 min done, well done 8 min done. This just the last hop and you can do it.

I'm taking a leaf out of frans book and think positive thoughts!

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  • Well done and take care of your foot.

  • Awesome well done! Bet you feel epic! Congrats again and good luck for your next run!

  • well done :D take care of the foot too :) keep at it you doing great :D

  • Well done proud of us all on this journey..all for one, one for all, be kind to ur self...keep those positive thoughts.


  • Today I did run 2 . It was harder than I expected. Maybe because I did not take a break that I normally would.

  • Yesterday completed run 3. Yippee.

    I think I will need a break now for two weeks though as I need to travel with the children. I doubt I will get the time free. Normally I work longer hours when we travel.

    I'm looking forward to coming back to the UK.

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