Couch to 5K

Cancelled plane, but W5 done. 😆

My plan for this weekend involved wandering around Rome with my other half to celebrate my birthday. Sadly it wasn't to be, our flight home was cancelled, and we couldn't get another one.

Consolation prize was......I finished week 5 today. So happy. I'd chosen a different route as my normal one is a bit hilly and I did it! Feeling very proud of myself, but all the family are still sleeping so I needed to share my achievement. 😃

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Yay. Well done & happy birthday. Even if its not quite what you expected to be doing, what a great way to celebrate!

You're more than half way there now!

Happy running. ☺


Thank you! I never thought I'd be able to run for 20 mins. Feeling great now! 🏃🏼


so sorry you didn't get to go to Rome but yay you did the dreaded 20 minute run...well done :)


We are planning to re-book, so I'll just have to extend my birthday a little. 20 mins, and felt like I could keep going. Go me!! Haha. Thanks for the congrats. 😃


When not in Rome...


Exactly, what else was I going to do?!

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