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The end is near... Or is it just the beginning!

Morning all. I am delighted to report that my running buddy and I are on W9. We did run 1 together on Thursday and today I ran R2 on my own which is usually a bit tougher (not that we chat much - just the odd "are you ok", maybe a bit more when running down hill haha). I find it is a bit easier if I run a meandering course rather than long straight roads - tricks the brain I think. I cant believe our progress from W1. We are due to run W9R3 (OMG graduation run!) on Tuesday -followed by graduation celebration lunch all being well. Thanks to C25K and the lovely Laura and in particular this site for the support, encouragement and endless tips but most of all some wonderful inspirational blogs -it's just been amazing. I can remember reading a blog early on when someone was saying about being evangelical about the programme- well, never a truer word spoken, my friend and I are certainly spreading the word. So thank you all and happy running.

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Am also a convert and today ran my graduation run! It was hard but satisfying. I was glad to be doing a route I knew well which I also know is roughly 5K. Good luck with your graduation run.


definitely something to celebrate and tell everyone about :) look forward to reading your graduation post :D


'Tis the beginning! I'll watch out for your graduation post.


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