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Beach running here we come

Have said it before and will say it again i cannot believe it!!!!! We actually did it w6r3. Very emotiinal for both of us. But especially my friend who i think has found it a bit harder than me. But we are now officially runners not fst notvfar but non the ?ess runners. All taht will follow. we are already planning are beach runs for cornwall in august. Am hopimg we get thru nxt few weeks asa m due to have wisdom teeth removed early july and dont want it to set us back. So keep eberything crossed. To all you self doubters. You can do this believe me and when you do you will be as proud as punch

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Well done you are doing brilliantly, nearly there now :)


Well done! It's only a gradual build now to graduation - nearly there!


Well done! Beach running sounds like something to really look forward to! Don't overdo it though after your op, listen to your body, there's plenty of time to catch back up if you need a few days to recuperate!


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