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Look out 2015 - here we come!

Look out 2015 - here we come!

Morning all you lovely HU folks on this glorious winter day in London! I've missed you all here but have tried to keep up to date on the Facebook page. Here's hoping for a HU mobile app in 2015 (hint hint)....

So - what has 2014 done for the Aussie then? Well, it's been a bit of a roller coaster, but the highlights have been:

1) Meeting all of you lot (and 'really' meeting some of you at races)

2) Going from "unable to run for a bus" to a sub 30 minute 5K, a 1:01 10K and a 2:30 HM in 9 months!

3) Being able to run non-stop for over 2 hours... and still love it!

Of course, injury crept in a few times but I've learnt that this is the challenge for long distance running (and I love to run long distances I've found) - balancing the desire to run further against the age of this old body and the fact it's only started running recently... I've learnt all about ice, physios, foam rollers, compression socks (and, recently, even running tights! Me! Middle Aged Man in Lycra - oh dear!), physio tape and massage... and I've learnt that cross training and strength training help you run stronger....

I ran 800km in 2014 and I still look at that number and can't believe it... all down to Laura and the support and virtual cheer squad I have on here and on FB... You guys really made a difference to my life (and continue to do so)... I feel I have a running team right here whenever I need to shout about my latest PB or when I need to moan about an injury... :) You've been there all the way and I thank you... I'm just sorry I don't appear so much on here anymore - it's tough at the minute to do anything that isn't done via a mobile app (another hint HU!)...

So - how did I finish 2014? I did a 7 day Xmas running streak from 22-28 December, running every day and covering 47.2km over the 7 days.. and after a few rest days, I finished off 2014 with a beautiful 5.5k run (33 minutes doncha know?) through Richmond Park in SW London... in the frost and mist, running past wild deer and just enjoying the fact that I was out, the injury has gone and reflecting on how my life has changed so much thanks to C25K, Laura and HU...

The person I see in the mirror now looks more like an athlete than I ever thought I would... I was never a sports person at school... I was always picked last for any sports... and I used any excuse to never run...

Now I can't wait to run, I feel alive, I feel fit, I feel like I'm extending my life and (more importantly), really LIVING now... it's not just all about work... my long runs are my time, my pace and my therapy... they make everything else seem a bit more bearable! We runners are a funny lot but I think we all find peace in what we do... and I think that's really important... it's the unexpected bonus for me. I never thought exercise could make me feel so good... and I don't think a gym could do that... only outdoor running does it for me...

So - looking forward now, what about 2015? Well, there's a few goals ...

1) Meet loads of you at the London Winter Run on 1st Feb

2) Bag a sub 60 minute 10K (maybe on the 1st Feb?)

3) Complete my first ever HM on 22nd February (Hampton Court)

4) Better my time and aim for a sub 2:20 time on my second HM on 22nd March (Richmond Half)

5) Complete the #jantastic challenge (3 runs, 1 cycle per week in Jan)

6) Complete the #dryathlon (booze free January for Cancer Research UK)

7) Stay healthy and remember to balance work against "life"

8) Run tall, run quiet and run long... aim to complete 1200km in 2015

9) Sign up for a marathon... (there - I said it)

I hope all of you have an absolutely fantastic 2015 and I've enjoyed running with all of you this year. From those first nervous steps off the couch back in March to the highs of summer running, through injury and then the winter comeback... I've loved it all, and loved sharing in it with you...

Run on team... we can do anything!

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Wow what a year!!!I hope that 2015 is good for you aussiegtc and you nail those goals.I look forward to reading about them.


Crikey Aussie, I'm feeling all choked up reading about your successes this year and your plans for 2015. What massive changes you've introduced into your life in such a short time scale. Mega well done to you for all you've achieved. Hope 2015 brings you all the good things you hope it will: the times, the distances and the fitness. If it doesn't, then it sure won't be through lack of effort. All the best to you and MrsAussie and the Vegemites :)


Wonderful post, Aus! Really great to see the before and after pics as well; it really does emphasise just how far you've come - there's much more running excitement to come in 2015 as well! :-)

I know what you mean; I feel the same - although I missed all running when I couldn't do it, I missed the long runs the most. They definitely are therapy for me as well; I see myself as a distance runner and adore to eat up the miles. I know just where you're coming from with that; I'm sure we all do.

Good luck, very good luck, for your running goals and resolutions for the coming year. 'dryathlon' made me chuckle! And a marathon? Course you can do it. When the ballot opens for the 2016 London Marathon opens, I'll be sticking my name down. I hazard you will be too! :-)

looking forward to meeting you, and the other partaking C25Kers too, at the LWR; should be a fantastic race, and day.

The happiest of new years, Aus; more running nine fun to be had next year! :-)


Sounds like you've had a fantastic year and what a lovely list of goals for the New Year. Thanks for such an inspirational post and wishing you a Happy New Year :)


Wow, you've had a great year and have some fab goals for next year! I only discovered C25K in October so my 2 goals for 2015 are to graduate and sign up to our local Parkrun :)


Hey Aussie, we've missed your smiling selfies! What a fab year you've had and what a visible difference it has made.

Happy running in 2015!


Here's to 2015 running! Nice to see you back and I hope HU gets your hint, I'm looking forward to reading all your race reports, sounds like a busy start to the running year for you :)


Aw Aussie, its good to hear from you again xxx Well , what a action packed, record breaking, roller coastering year you have had !

Its been an absolute pleasure following your progress, you have truly turned your life around through all your own hard work and determination, and you look amazing !!!

I am sure you will fulfil all the goals and challenges you have set yourself, no problem at all. You Da Man ! :-D

Happy New Year to you, Mrs Aus and the little Aussiettes :-) xxx


Well done on your commitment and passion in 2014, can't wait to hear all the news from 2015.


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