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First attempt at Stepping Stone

Since graduation I have been running for up to 40 minutes each run. I find I start off quickly but then get slower and slower. I decided to give Stepping Stone a try tonight - It was quite tough! I found it difficult to run slowly at the beginning and was more comfortable as I was instructed to speed up. I learned a lot about how to improve my running technique such as to loosen my shoulders, what my arms should be doing and where they should be and so on. I felt exhausted when I finished and my thighs were starting to feel like they were burning! I think I will still be thinking about that beat in my sleep.......... One two three four! One two three four!

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Oh wow that sounds like an awesome programme! I am already thinking about what to move onto when I graduate!

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Try mixing it up with stamina and speed ( if stepping stones was a bit slow for you, speed will be better!).


I like all the stepping stone podcasts. When I first started using them I found them much tougher than C25K but now I know what to expect & I enjoy them.


I have been using Stepping Stones and Speed so far. I love both of them. I find the first part of Stepping Stones a bit slow but enjoy speeding up. It is a comfortable run and I just carry on until I've done my 5k. I like Speed too. I'd never done interval training before Couch25k and enjoyed the faster part knowing it was only 60sec.. At the end I felt I'd really achieved something. I haven't plucked up the courage to try Stamina yet. It seems a bit daunting at the moment. Good luck with your running! Knowing we are all out there running keeps me motivated!


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