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Successful day despite gremlins

I picked up a shiny new phone yesterday and last night downloaded the app onto it. Thought about taking my old phone out with me but forgot to charge it, but thought never mind I'll use the new one plus I'd downloaded a running album from iTunes and was looking forward to my second run of week 7.

So I stepped out the door and tapped on the app and it asked for a login and password. Try as I might it would not accept any combination of passwords. Panic set I 😱 Could I run for 25 mins without Laura spurring me on? Gave myself a good talking to, pressed play on my music and went for it. So pleased I did, it was blooming hard work but I took 47 seconds of my 3k time. Happy days! 😃

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Well done MG. You had run for 25 minutes twice before today so the gremlins really didn't have much ammunition to derail you.


Thanks! Am really trying hard to focus on enjoying my running and not think of the numbers and how long I have left. Seems to be working!


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