Couch to 5K

W1R2- 'No pain No Gain'

Decided to start this a couple of weeks ago . R1 was ok , but on R2 just started the first 60 secs and fell ( running through the woods) . Blood dripping down the left leg and sprained ankle on the right .... Fantastic !!!!! One comment from the mother was ' well no pain no gain ' haha .

All repaired now , So started from scratch again this week . Just completed W1R2 this morning .... Looking forward to the next one 👍🏻

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Ouch, what a start to your running carreer. Better keep your eyes open this time when you go through the woods ;)


Oh dear, you sound like me...I have to look where I'm running as I can step on a twig and my rubbish ankles will think it's a foot high and twist!

hope you're back up to full strength and raring to go...I've literally just finished w1r2 this am...


Ahhhhhh....little body medals those wee scrapes, cuts and bruises. Well done for getting out and getting back up after a fall!



Aw no! :P Good on you for picking yourself up and just laughing it off! Good luck for your next run!


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