Sunday Bragging Thread

Hi All

I know some of us on here are a lot shyer than others about talking about our running achievements but it always good to have a place for some showing off - if only to encourage people struggling with C25k that anyone can do it and anyone can enjoy running.

If I may start, yesterday I got a parkrun PB and this morning I did this: TWENTY FLIPPING MILES! Without wishing to sound pervy, I'm not sure it's possible to be in any more pain and be any more pleased with oneself.

Please feel free to add your own boasts underneath, I genuinely looking forward to hearing them.

All the best and keep enjoying our wonderful sport,



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29 Replies

  • Great post Acton! I am not quite at your level yet. First run of week 8 today and it was hard work!! Getting home my Garmin tells me I ran 4.2km in those 28 minutes (never ever thought I would do that). Also my fastest mile so far - 10.34. So that is me ......

  • 4.2 in 28 minutes is great - you're on course for graduating in style!

  • I did W1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Nothing tops that!

  • Wow , amazing !

    Well done AHS, thats some serious mileage on the legs there

    Fab ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you!

  • I didn't run !! sunday has never been a running day for me , other commitments .. maybe once I am back to running 5k I will add in a sunday run because I can :D

    great work everyone who has run today :D :D

  • You know - one of the things i hope i can benefit from if i ever become a proper runner is that I can get places quicker and between buses! 20 miles!!!!! You can just RUN 20 miles?????

    Insane. :)

  • Insane and starting to hurt! Still over the moon, of course...

  • Just you wait, lad! I am now unable to decend the stairs on my feet and am instead having to shuffle on my bum like a toddler. Damn DOMS

  • Ouch! I've got to go out later - it's quiz night.

  • You'll be grand, I think it's the hills rather than the distance that have done me in.

  • Nothing to brag about per se but I did a 5k interval session after doing the same thing, and not enjoying it one bit, on the same route last Sunday.

    The weather has been very changeable today and it tonked it down for about 5 minutes - which was great. It was much better than last week's experience in every way.

    Inspired by TeaFairy, I have a pot of beef stew on the go!

  • I think going out and doing a set of intervals you disliked last time and enjoying them is definitely something to brag about.

  • Brag alert: for the first time in ages I didn't feel like going for a run today but I got the gear on and dragged myself out (8k in 48:26) chuffed :) :) :)

    I can't imagine running 20k let alone 20 miles!!!!!! It must be those 9 stone super long legs of yours :)

  • :) It's always to good get out isn't it? However much you might not want to.

  • wow, thats fantastic, well done boast...that I have managed to keep this running thing going for 2 years 4 months....who would have thought!!!

  • 20 miles is seriously epic, I'm in awe! Amazing.

  • It's only C25k plus 10% every week for a few months but thank you.

  • Me too TF!!!! Not run for four days and I feel my running career has imploded. It was the downhill that did the damage. Drat and double drat. Take note Acton!!!Don't run downhill hell for leather.

    Well done ActionMan!!!!! Brag all you like cos you earned bragging rights. Have a rest now though petal. Enjoy your quiz. What sorta quiz. You can come back here and ask us some. LOL

  • Hi MissW, I won't bore you all with tonight's quiz (it was my turn to set the questions) but I'm quite pleased I can still walk up and down stairs!

  • Great post no running this week but first day back at the grind of work today after a kidney infection, Catered a meal for 24, two courses. Can not wait to get out running next week. I miss it. 20 miles that is epic well done and shout all you want you definitely deserve it.

  • I should have run towards wherever you were, I could quite happily have eaten 24 dinners!

  • After 20 miles I bet the sticky toffee pudding with fresh cream and butterscotch sauce, all homemade would of gone down a treat. 😀

  • 20 miles is awesome. Which marathon are you going for?

    I did my first run outside on Thursday, WITH DOGS (I'm a little phobic), 3 laps of the local lake. Saturday I did a Parkrun, fastish, but didn't get a PB. Then today I just had to get out there and run. 4.5 laps of the lake - 10k in 1:09:01.

    Bit achy, but I felt like I could run forever. I know I've only done two 10ks, which I didn't think I'd ever be able to do, How difficult is it to go from 10k to a half marathon?

  • Hi rmnsuk, well done for getting out there and enjoying some running. I wouldn't say it's difficult or easy to go from 10k to 13.1 miles, it's just a question of increasing your mileage by no more than the obligatory 10% a week and keeping on enjoying it.

  • My boast is that if my bum gets any more perkier, I will be wearing it across my shoulders haha :-D

    Joke :-) xxx

  • Bit late to the party but this past weekend I knocked 21 seconds off of my previous parkrun PB.

    Now down to 34:36, almost 4 minutes faster than my first ever parkrun (have now done 11).

    And last week I ran 10K for the first time.

    Still a way to go before the dizzying heights of 20 miles (don't quite know how I'd find time in a day to do that sort of distance anyway lol)

  • Four minutes over only 11 runs is definitely worth a quick brag.

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