Sunday is Shinjin's big day! Let's support our community member!

This post is not about me and my running but about a community member. Shinjin (sorry, I'm not completely sure if it's a male or female community member) wrote some weeks ago about his/her participation at the Köln (Cologne) Marathon. He/She will do a relay marathon with three colleagues and was worried about it as he/she wasn't as fit as he/she wanted to be. It was a long way to go to the 9-11k and he/she had not much time (only three weeks) to manage this distance.

I love this community for its great support and think it would be a nice idea to support one of our members facing a difficult run so we could perhaps encourage Shinjin if he/she reads this blog before Sunday.

Shinjin, I wish you all the best for your run! Keep going and don't worry about speed! I hope the atmosphere will carry you through your run! Enjoy every minute of it!!! Let us know how you got on :)

PS: The weather forecast says it won't rain. I hope it's true.

PPS: I don't know which part you're running but one of the voices cheering at the runners will be mine :)

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23 Replies

  • Good luck Shinjin, you got this!!

  • Awwww, fab post!

    Best of luck, Shinjin - hope you've had a great few weeks and l your training pays off. Enjoy!

  • Fab post...this is why I love this community! All the best Shinjin...and nice one nomoresloth!

  • Go! Go! Go! Shinjin!

    GOOD LUCK on Sunday!

  • Go shinjin go!

  • GO GO GO Shinjin!!!!!! Good luck!

  • Best of luck Shinjin.

  • Wow great post good luck shinjin hope all goes well x x

  • Here I am in my ra-ra skirt, pom poms waved aloft, wishing shinjin all the best, as part of nomoresloth's cheerleaders. Take your time, shinjin, and have a great day.

  • Have a great run shinjin. Know that there are loads of supporters all waving their pompoms at you and willing you on.

  • Go Shinjin. Enjoy, but Go Go Go!!

  • Good Luck Shinjin, you'll nail it I am sure!

  • Special thanks to nomoresloth for the initial post. This was really considerate and it is great that she remembered me and made such a lovely post.

    Thanks too for all others wishing me well. I am not as prepared as I would hoped to be, but I hope I can make the 9.4 km.

    I am running with 2 colleagues and at least one is slower than me I think. So I can maybe get through this.

    The weather will not be good I think, so no idea what to wear. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Thanks again to all.

  • Good luck Shinjin! I was trying to think of something appropriate to say in German but as I can just about only swear, say cheers and count to 10 I don't think it's going to work.... Gute 'luck' in der morgen (????)!

  • @ Tati: It's " Viel Glück morgen!" in German. I'd love to know your swear words though ;)

  • All the best for your run. Try to enjoy it, despite the weather. If the weather is forecast for wet and windy, I'd wear something that is a windbreak, but not bother trying to stay dry as you'll get hot and sweaty. Just make sure you something warm and dry to put on as soon as you finish.

  • Thanks for the advice. I will do so. Hope it is not as bad as I fear!

  • I hope the weather will be the same as it is now. I just came home from cheering for the half marathon runners. Again good luck, Shinjin!

  • Yes. If it stays like this I am happy. At the first change point waiting for my team.

    4th leg. Seems a long way away to running.

  • Well, I was able to do it!!!

    I ran for the whole 1 hour 20 mins and circled round my more unfit collegue. My GPS therefore tracked 9.92km, so now I can believe I can run 10k111

    I had not had enough training, but it was great. the atmosphere, dums music and all the help really excellent. My first ever run of this kind and a great experience.

    I ache a little this morning and my left knee is complaining a little, but some stretching should sort this.

    We ran as a team and crossed the line as a team. It was excellent!

    Thanks for the great support to you all.

  • Congratulations on your effort and your team result. Well done! :-)

  • That's great news, shinjin! Very well done, you and your colleagues!

    I cheered at the 19k mark and we had a great time watching and cheering at all those runners. I even saw the fastest woman but missed the fastest men by ten minutes. The atmosphere among us spectators at 19k was already great so I think the atmosphere on the last leg was incredible! I, as a local, still think you got to run the best part of the whole marathon :)

    Again: Very well done! I hope you enjoyed it and spent a nice time in one of the best cities in the world ;)

  • Thanks for your support and the original post. I also very much valued your input into the course and which one I should choose.

    A fraction shy of 10km, but I now believe I can do it and this is a large part of the battle.

    If there was anyone else watching the last leg of this race, I was the crazy man dressed in blue shouting there is no "i" in team and generally having a brilliant time.

    I looked at my heart rate plot and it was almost a straight line averaging 150 bpm, with a few excursions for dancing and the 13.5km/hr sprint at the end.

    I absolutely loved irt!!!

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