I have reached the point of no return

Back from W6R3. Done. It was hard. I am now at the same level I was when I had to stop for an op. So from now on it is new territory. I did find it really hard this time. It took a lot of willpower to do it. I also noticed although I did more distance, my time was much slower and I lost less calories so I must be out of condition. Those GPS watches are magic.

I think I will try to change route for week 7 as I really had to talk myself to go go go. Those littles gremlins can be very convincing.


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  • ....don't listen to the little devils, stamp on their head with every step!

  • Oh yes jojo, I will

  • Sounds like you battled against your mind and body there but you did it! Is it worth repeating week 6 maybe?

  • Yes MotherGoose, you have a very good point, but because I am already repeating W1 to W6, I feel I need to move on or I will get bored. If I can't cope, I rather repeat W7 me think

  • Those longer runs ARE hard, aren't they? The only thing you can do is slow down. Ignore distance and calorie count. It is not even that easy to achieve that slowness, but it really is the way to go.

  • Yes Sizemore , I have to work on it

  • Week 7 is one of consolidation so you will settle in to doing these longer runs - you'll be fine! You are now doing 5/6ths of the time - just gentle increases from here.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks Ully, will do

  • good plan re changing route, it will make a huge difference... good luck

  • Thanks for the tip Juicyju

  • Changing routes in fun - check it out first for hills though :-) The most important measurement of success is to go for your run, finish it and enjoy it. I never believe those calorie-count things - it doesn't include all the energy my brain uses up fighting the gremlins, and when I "translate" them into the minute number of biscuits I have run off, I get cross anyway. Lies, all lies :-)

  • Hahaha mfamilias, this was what I was thinking : what treat can I get for the calories loss value! I find running on the beach can be hard when soft. It could be why I took longer this morning. It takes more energy.

  • It must be like running on marshmallows. Hmm. How many calories is that?) Surface has a lot to do with your time, and hills too. My time is longer now I'm on rough farms tracks with 2 hills for part of my run. I'm just trying to finish the distance every time, I've given up on trying to be Speedy Gonzales.

  • Hello! I think you've demonstrated a ton of willpower by starting again and working through to this point! You'll be fine fine fine .. Its like a 9 run magical mystery tour stretching ahead of you!

  • Thanks BoPeep, I am looking forward to it

  • "You are now officially a runner" if I am not mistaken. 25->28->30 minutes and graduation in sight. Well done!

  • Thanks Marky, I am proud of myself

  • I have no truck with Gremlins. Adopt a zero tolerance approach

    This is where you have to start to dig deep, sort the men from the boys, the wheat from the chaff. Steely determination, grit, pluck, call it what you will but find it. We all have inner reserves. We just need to find them

    Go for it and have fun!

    You have done the hardest week. It's behind you now so crack on

  • Ta Misswobble, zero tolerance will be it. I like all your descriptions. Makes me feel strong!

  • I remember feeling a bit down when all of the run/walk runs were done. I'd gor used to Laura telling me to slow down and walk for a bit and recover for the next run. I found being told when to run and when to walk rather fun, and looked forward to it. Running continuously initially seemed a bit less interesting, and a bit of a slog initially. By the time week 9 came along though I'd got used to the running continuously and had no wish to stop at intervals :)

  • Actually Zev, I have been wondering how I will find the next three weeks of continuous running, so this is why I will change route. Just to make it interesting.

  • Week 6 was really tough for me but week 7 was easily the best and most rewarding. I hope it's the same for you.

    And yes, running on soft sand is going to sap your energy so maybe not surprising that it was tough going.

  • Thanks Dunder. Good to know Week 7 will be easier

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