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Day 2

I have completed wk1 day 2 today, and found it so much easier than yesterday. I managed to do 8 minutes of jogging today and felt I had achieved so much. I know I shouldn't have done it again today but won't be able to do the next one now until the weekend so felt I had to get the second one in. Am feeling fine and so proud of myself. Once I start the jogging bit I set myself a point up ahead and aim at jogging to it, this seemed to help me keep going today! Thank you for everyone's kind, positive comments yesterday!

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Well done - but please don't skip rest days in future - they are as important as the runs. Get into the habit of stretching out after your runs to help with the stiffness too. Good luck.


Well done. Do try and take a break between runs as your body needs it.

No wonder you feel proud. So you should! You did a great job so far so keep going come what may. Take care and resist the urge to speed up. Slow is good and will get you safely through

Have fun!


Well done Eddie , youre well on your way now !

Good Luck and keep going ! ( oh yes the rest days are very important ) xxx


Really well done. Stick at it but I'd agree with the others about the importance of having rest days. you really don't want to pick up an injury.


Mornin Eddie! Well done you!

I'm adding my twopenneth worth to everyone above ... No skipping rest days and try and start the post-run stretching habit.

You can still cycle, swim, work out, yoga, skydive, horse ride, walk on your rest days. Just no running! You knew that though didn't you!

Roll on the weekend and R3!


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