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Which is the hardest week and what's your mantra?


What do all you graduates think about which is the most difficult week? I think it will help me to know - I have started using my mantra on runs - it's "Strong arms, strong legs"

What's yours?

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For me, I found week 5 run 3 the hardest. But the sense of achievement is huge...and my mantra is: 'push that body, punish that body,' good luck!

mellyboobah in reply to ju-ju-

Thanks Ju - like that mantra :) - I've just done R1 Wk5 - but i am determined >:/


Week 4!

Never thought I'd get past it.

Have you seen the animated film 'Finding Nemo'?

There is a character called Dory that says, 'just keep swimming, just keep swimming..'

my mantra is 'just keep running, just keep running..'



Week 6 was really tough for me (oddly week 7 was the easiest/best).

I don't have a mantra and just tend to swear at myself if the going is hard.

I found the very first run the hardest as I was so unfit and could hardly get through it. In fact I thought I was going to have a heart attack! My mantra is " don't be a wimp. Just do it".

Yes, I'm with IP here. Week 1 was the hardest. Making the decision to go out and do this thing. The rest was just running.


Week five, then I got into the swing of having got past the half-way point. I don't have a mantra as such. When I find myself letting the gremlins win, I just remind myself that I am currently doing what I thought I would never attain when running those first 60 second intervals, and that giving up would be a disservice to the unfit, one stone heavier version of me that put in all the effort to get the ball rolling.

I think it is pretty hard at the beginning, and it's all about pace. When I started (about 2 years ago now) I would take off as if I was running the 400m! Clearly you can't sustain this over 5k, or even 1k. Find that internal rhythm - the whole 4 paces to 2 breaths works for me.


Week 8 was my worst. Horrible. No idea why!

I don't have a mantra as such but I do keep in mind things I learned on a stupidly tough trek in Nepal - your body can always do more than you ever dreamed it could and all you have to do is keep taking one more step, it's never more than that.


I don't have a mantra, I just try to be completely aware of what I'm doing - as in having a feeling sense of my body moving and that helps with keeping at bay (sometimes) any random thinking about it (it's really about the misused being in the now , expression I cannot stand...)

In case of emergency I simply tell myself "just do it!!!"

Whar really helped me though - with the running but more generally with life, is reminding myself that "it's good enough" (perfectionism can really ruin my life!)


Week 7, when all the runs became long runs with no intervals. I got through the long run on the end of each of weeks 5 and 6 by regarding it as something to endure, but after that there was no hiding place. W8 seemed easier once I got through w7.

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