Couch to 5K

Wk9 R1

How can it be easier to run for 30 mins than it is for 28?

Had a bad attack of the gremlins all last week. They kept on asking 'what's the point of this?' Even while I was doing the warm up walk on r3. Fortunately I am more stubborn than them so I did complete all the runs but oh so slowly.

This morning didn't feel much like going out for a run but went anyway and it went so much better. Still pretty tired and struggling towards the end but I did 3.4km in 30 mins (yes I know it's still very slow but that's a distinct improvement in speed for me.

I can't believe there's only 2 more runs to go!

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Well done Inspirus. Two to go, indeed.

The fact that this run felt easier than the last is just a manifestation of the progress you are continuing to make.


I do hope I shall be saying the same thing next week and may each run be easier than the last for you! My experience is that some runs just do feel easier than others. I do have real confidence in the C25K "process" and the weeks 1 to 8 are all preparation for the finale training week! Enjoy graduating and the next phase.


Great Job Inspirus we all have gremlins some louder than others, glad that you are stubborn. 2 more runs and then its huge silly smile time!


3.4k in 30 minutes is exactly where I was in week 9. Kerb in going, you are doing really well.


Should read keep on going..... Darned autocorrect!


Love an autocorrect Coddfish!

Thanks everyone for the encouragement. I haven't really told anyone in my 'real' life about doing the c25k (I live by myself so have just been quietly getting on with it) so all the support on this forum is invaluable.

Thanks guys

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