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Just bought my new running shoes and on the whole I am very pleased with them. However, my right foot is flat and has a raised bone on the top that can lead to rubbing, particularly on longer runs.

I am not sure if newer runners are aware of lacing patterns that can help if you share this problem, so thought that this link might be useful.

It works for me.

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  • Thanks OG. I too have a bony bit on the top of my feet :) My Brooks Ghost 7s dont seem to trouble me but it is good to have the link just in case :)

  • oh I like the double tie! good idea that.

  • Anybody else scared to mess with their laces in case it doesn't work out and they can't get them "just so" again?

    Or is it just me? :D

  • Its just you ! Ha ha :-D

    No , only joking with you Peter, Im the same. I keep seeing these articles and clips on here and I think " Oooh that looks really good " but I leave them as they are even though they are the flippin' bane of my life and keep coming undone

    Mind you saying that , I mustve tied them really well for my 10k as they didn't come undone at all , not once ! :-) xxx

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