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Gorgeous morning here today - and I managed a 40 minute run! Chuffed to bits considering that 10 weeks ago I couldn't run for *any* minutes!

Best bit of all was getting home just as Hard Day's Night came on my shuffle and dancing on the rug to it singing along very very loudly. Good job I live on my own!!

What a great thing this Couch to 5K is πŸ˜ƒ

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  • Sounds like fun - this running can be so joyful!

  • It certainly was today 😊

  • Hey, when I get back if there is a good song I always play it loud. my partner is even worse he actually dance and sings along in the street after, before a run.

  • Haha!! Brilliant!

  • 40 minutes, yeah, go girl! I agree with you about the "zero to runner" magic - I'm still pinching myself to check I'm not dreaming when I run without collapsing in a gasping heap :)

  • It's such a great feeling! I'm sooo glad I gave it a go!

  • Brilliant , Love it !

    Oh yes , nowt better than singing your nut off , I do it all the time .

    Great innit ? :-D xxx

  • It sure is!

  • Great stuff Arrietty.

  • Nothing like it :o)

  • I LOVE THE BEATLES!!!!!! Well done Arriety. Good run there and you're so right - C25K is the dogs B0110Ck$!!!

  • They're top! And mos def it is!!

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