Couch to 5K

Week 8 done

Did a morning run for a change and maybe the bowl of frosties helped because this wasn't bad at all.

Ran more comfortably as I didn't have the usual stitch nagging me until about the last 5 mins.

Don't know why I'm getting this dull stitch every run now.

Lost Laura at around 20 mins into it as the MP3 player stopped and I couldn't FFWD to the right place so jogged on as I knew roughly where to end it based on r1 and r2 finish points. There's definitely another 2 mins distance in me to face into week 9.

Well pleased now, down the home straight next week hopefully. Finish line in sight!

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Well done, and good luck with week 9! The stitch thing is really wierd - I don't think anyone knows exactly what causes it. I haven't experienced one at all since starting running.

Edited to add: One thing I've made a rule is not to eat less than two hours before a run - and mostly I run in the morning, skipping breakfast.


Well done. I haven't had another stitch since drinking half a small tumbler of water before my run, I also have either a banana or a cereal bar but I'm convinced the water does the trick.

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I also take a pint of water to bed with me and drink it through the night.


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