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Cautious move from the IC

I decided to do a W1R1 outing this morning to see how my injury is fairing and I was pleasantly surprised.

I did the first 60 second run, power walked the second and alternated to the end. So I managed 4 minutes of running.

Leg and ankle held up well, with a little niggle toward the end, so I slowed right down to normal walking pace.

I was amazed how the running compared to my first every outing. It was so easy. Just goes to show how far I've come.

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Well done. It's good to be cautious, a few 'easy' outings is much better than an extended stay on the IC.


I am with you there Kasmcc , on the recovery road also .. currently doing some 2min run and 1 min walks at the end of a walk ... it isn't half as bad as starting C25K , so even after a longish period of non running we still retain some of our stamina nd endurance


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