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C25K App Troubles

This week I've completed week 5, thankfully the only problem being the app. Can I trust it for week 6?

Run 1 went fine, when it came to run 2 I started off slow knowing it was going to be my longest run to date. By the time I'd gotten 3/4 of the way my route (without stopping!) I decided to check the app. It said I still had 5 minutes to go!!! So I check mapmyrun and including warm up I'd done 17mins. I decided to run the remaining 5 mins then call it a day. So I had done 17 mins solid instead of the 2 x 8mins.

On day 3 the app failed again, when I came to the end of my route I'd completed 20 mins but the app had only just reached 5 mins!!!!

Has this been experienced by others? Can I trust it for week 6 Or should I revert back to the podcasts?

On a brighter note I'm the furthest I've ever been into the plan and loving every minute of it! Week 6 BRING IT ON!!!!!

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Yes, I had this happen to me. So as soon as I had hit the continuous runs, I just timed myself on a digital watch and listened to music instead.


I'd suggest going back to the podcasts - there's some music coming up that even if you loathe it will help you understand what the rest of us are talking about, and you won't miss out on Laura.


Thank you, I've just reloaded the podcasts on to my phone! I did switch to the app to get away from the music! But I guess getting through the programme is more important to me.


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