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Moving on up

Moving on up

By gum that was a smashing wee run along a sunny footpath with the blue and white bells out in force. After Wednesday when I had to shift my behind for a full 12mins which I didn't enjoy I was looking forward to a longer run at my pace. And despite it being two long intervals really to help increase the distance comfortably I found it a total joy. I even saw a professional looking type runner running the opposite way to me and we nodded in a mutual 'jeez isn't this just the best thing to be running on a day like this!' Gosh I've really been bitten by this running bug, what's happened to me! Anyway having a rest now and customising some Oakley sunglasses as a present to myself for when I get to the 10k, my little carrot to keep me going!! Happy running all you crazies!

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I'm liking those shades.


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