Why do you run??

I started this plan solely with a weight loss goal in mind but I am amazed to find how much it helps me mentally. I look forward to running because I feel it gives me some mental respite. Also, in relation to exercise, I've always been a bit of a quitter. I'm gaining such a sense of pride an achievement in meeting those weekly targets!

So I was just wondering...what is your motivation for running?


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  • Not overly sure why I started running, never had the inclination to run before but I wanted to get fitter. I stumbled across c25k, loved the challenge, as you say ticking off each target. If I've had a hard stressful day at work, there's nothing better to clear my head than a run in the fresh air :)

  • I run to keep fit, lose a bit of weight (well tone up rather than lose pounds) and clear my mind of my work stresses. I do feel so much better after my run, I always think of a lovely warm shower at the end! The c25k is an excellent plan to follow and Laura does get you through

  • Good, isn't it?! I run for sanity, mostly. And because it makes me feel capable.

  • It helps me deal with stress too :)

  • always wanted to run, never thought I would. Also I can't think of computers when I'm gasping for breath, which is a huge bonus.

  • Fitness and mind space. I find the 30 minutes are about me and the run and are just so good at de-stressing

  • Oooh no, no never be a quitter ☺ c25k is the best thing since sliced bread!

    I run to keep fit and to keep the lard at bay.

  • presumably sliced wholemeal bread :)

  • I run because what if one day my life depends on it... you never know what dangers are lurking!

    Anxiety issues!! Haha!

  • Haha that's brilliant! ^_^ Sounds like you would benefit from getting that app where you run away from zombies. You never know...


  • I've taken up this challenge, because my usual walking routine became boring. Plus I've always admired people who run... Clad in their fancy fluro outfits with little watches and gadgets and things. Hoping one day I'll be one of them :) hehe

  • I started because I was feeling so unfit, and wanted to change. Now I do it because it gives me a great sense of pride to be out there doing it :D

  • I started C25K as part of a fitness & healthy eating plan - along with swimming a couple of times a week. It's been almost a year now & I couldn't imagine not running now. I'm not very good at it but I don't care about that. It's great for clearing your head & building stamina & toning up. I knew there was no turning back when I was out a 6am in tthe freezing cold in January!

  • Originally? Weight loss, keep fit, live longer, inspire my daughter, prove something to myself, oh, and stick it to the doctors who said I would never be able to play sports again when I was 14 (such a long time a go...).

    Now? Keep fit, maintain weight, compete with myself, clarity of thought, bling (gotta love some post race bling), wearing dayglo yellow Lycra shirts in public without caring a hoot what anyone thinks about it and to thank the doctors who had faith in me when they helped me a few years back....... And bling (did I mention the bling?)

  • 1. Enjoying the urban environment - I love being out on the streets of London

    2. Appreciating and understanding my body and what it can do - watching myself get fitter and knowing why.

    3. Most importantly, enjoying playing "my" sport - I love to run.

  • I like the way it firms up my legs. I enjoy the sense of achievement. I like to show off.

  • Like loads of people initially it was to get a bit fitter. Now it is because it helps me clear the things that sit in my head, to get some "Me time" and because I can (not very well - but I can). :)

  • I started because I wanted to set a positive example for my children where exercise is concerned and also wanted to get fitter. There are bonuses too though in that my body shape has really changed and I get some head space when I'm out, which is just brilliant.

  • Because my sister persauded my to do a 5K run with her.

    But I quickly discovered I love it. So now its about having headspace. Keeping fit & achieving things I never thought I could / would ever do!

  • Because it is free :-)

  • Because our daughter challenged us to run a 5K in Disney World. (She did the 'Dopey' - 5K, 10K, half marathon, marathon on successive days!!) We started the C25K in May last year. We repeated each week at least twice and found it all challenging but fun. I completed the Disney run in January in 35 minutes - not too bad for a 65 year old. Since then I've had a calf injury and started the programme again from week one. The motivation this time is determination to keep fit and beat that 35 minutes!

  • I retired not long ago, my intention is to keep drawing the pension as long as I possibly can and be fit enough to enjoy it.

  • I was losing weight by calorie counting, but wanted to be fit as well as slim so started C25K. Now I run because I enjoy it and miss it when I don't. It also gives me a bit of 'me' time when I do not need to think about anything or anyone else!

  • I started the c5k as I'm off work with anxiety, Dr told me walking would help so I took it a bit further. Always fancied running but never did. It's helped me with confidence, breathing positive attitude. To be honest I now hate the rest days as I enjoy it so much!

  • I started nearly 3 years ago because I wanted to lose weight, get fitter, and set a positive example for my daughters. I've been somewhat sporadic, and have only a month ago 're-graduated', but now I run for me. It's my time, my peace, my thing that no-one can interrupt. I've signed up to do a 10k which terrifies me, so I'm also running to try and lessen the fear, but mostly I run because I enjoy it. Even when I go out reluctantly, feeling just Not In The Mood, I still enjoy at least parts of it. And always enjoy the glow(!) afterwards of having been. :)

  • I started running to get fit and lose weight but now u do I do my sanity. I have 4 kids and after a long day I would turn to the wine to relax, now I go for a run.

  • I started because I was feeling sluggish and not sleeping well, and wanted to try something that could be done without too much investment of time. I carried on because I love being out in the fresh air, like the sense of achievement and don't want yo let myself down having got this far.

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