Couch to 5K

Return of the man tights

Driving home from work on Thursday. A lovely sunny day with the temperature reading 22°C. Had a great run. Leisurely pace, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of spring.

Driving home from work today through heavy snow and the temperature reads 2°C.

Only in Scotland :)

Tights are looked out, as are the hat and gloves. Aint looking forward to this!!!

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I heard on the radio that snow gates had been shut somewhere! It is a bit chilly in Devon snow though - thank goodness! Keep warm :0)


Hopefully winter's last hurrah and you can get your shorts out again very soon :) ❄️⛄️


Yup know the feeling, it was about 1C when I went out yesterday morning, however it was a beautifully sunny morning and at least I could feel the heat from the sun as I was running. Capris, gloves and jacket to start with. Here's hoping it is just a dip this week.


Well it was cold in the shade but warm in the sun (especially as all the clothes I had on are dark colours). After about 3k the heavens opened and I was battered in a hail storm :( . The wooly hat was an inspired addition at that point I can tell you :D . Anyway, run completed but it wasn't much fun.

Keep warm folks.


Blimey ! What a difference in weather in a coupla days !

Aw you had just got your legs out for Spring n'all :-)

Well done Runner, you showed true grit and determination in getting out there , here have a Tunnocks Teacake on me , the 'noo ! :-D xxx


Too kind PP. My favourite energy food :)

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