Just Graduated!

Just Graduated!

Thank you so much Laura, I was in hospital in January desperately ill with internal bleeding in my bile duct. By end of February I was persuaded to give this a go. I am so pleased I did. Never ran more than a few yards after a tennis, cricket or football, cannot believe I have done this, all thanks to this fab programme. Oh and the music of Giorgio Morodor. From couch to 5K , from Here to Eternity....


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18 Replies

  • Congratulations!

  • Wow! congratulations! I hope you feel really proud. All sorts of lovely running adventures await.

  • Thanks all, how do I get graduate next to my name?

  • See the pinned posts on the right - just click on the one about graduate badges and all will be explained.

  • Thanks, just done it. Can't stop the desire to keep running now. Really like just replaying week 9 with my own music. Are the plus podcasts any good?

  • Well Done. Massive Congratulations. This programme is truly life changing. Enjoy your Graduation and treat yourself you deserve it. Happy Running :):):)

  • Thank you, is the plus programme good? I am addicted to running now, do I still need a days rest each time?

  • 🎈🎈🎈 well done graduating..it's a great feeling!! You really need to just try and see the plus apps. Some people like the plus...some don't.I could n't take to them.So I use an app called 10k for pink...it's free.You have the reminders to run etc but it goes to your playlist for music....Good luck...oh and I would say yes to a day's rest...muscles need to repair...

  • Thanks so much for that, I will try to find that app, I do prefer my own music and admit to not being very tolerant on music choices I don't like.

  • I would agree - the music on the C25k+ podcasts is not great. It is good for the beat but it is not my kind of thing. I have run them a few times but I am looking for something I can put my own music to so I might give 10k for pink a go. I have also downloaded a metronome but have not used it yet. Good Luck

  • Well done and congratulations peperami.

  • Congratulations! Nice feeling isn't it?

    Yes, you do need a day rest it doesn't mean lying on the couch though... Swimming, walking, cycling, or , if it's your thing, the gym , as long as you work other muscles than the ones used to run. Yoga is great, and I hear Pilates as well.

    Reading only yesterday of a Danish study, according to which the ideal is running 3 days a week . People who did this had lower mortality rates than inactive ones but also lower than the ones who run more than 3 days ... I suspect there are many more factors to that than just running, but still confirms about the all good things in moderation!

  • Wow, what an achievement after the hospitalisation. Well done, and big congratulations.

  • ooh I recognise that, it's Fratton Park! ;)

  • Lovely, big pat on the back! X

  • Well done, what a brilliant success story !

    Many Congratulations to you , you have done so well overcoming a very serious illness.

    I hope you enjoy wherever your running takes you from here xxx

  • Congratulations! What a great achievement after being so ill! Great pic too :)

  • Congratulations Peperami, that's a pretty impressive story :)

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