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How many of us have come across irresponsible dog owners and feared this?

One of our contributors recently raised concerns about the safety of female joggers, from my experience this is a far bigger problem. It begs the question if dog owners should be made to have insurance.

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with a bit of a phobia about dogs this is my nightmare, and why I don't run outside. Parkrun is the exception because there are so many people running, dogs have to be under control or there would be carnage.


I was bitten during the Easter Holidays. I think it was an accident and that the dog wanted to play but it has still caused me problems and cost - antibiotics and tetanus jab. I usually stop and walk if I approach dogs but I was chasing a good time and thought all the dogs were on leads. Plus the owners had moved to the other side of the single track road and were on the bank. One dog wasn't on a lead, a labrador type dog and it jumped up me and bit my arm. I didn't realise it had bitten me til I was further down the road so I don't think the owners did either. I live in the countryside and so expect to meet loose dogs but it was a shock.


I guess I have been lucky as all the dog owners And dogs I run passed have been fine. Most are responsible and keep their dogs under control and are happy to say a friendly good morning . I hope it doesn't put anyone off running outside as a spring morning is just the best time to be out and running 😄


It's a scary thought but one I think needs to be put into perspective.

I run past so many dogs & so do thousands of people every day without incident.

I'm more wary as a female jogger of being attacked by a human tbh!

Much more likely IMO. Try not to worry about dogs guys & stay safe.



It's news because it is not an everyday occurrence.

It will be interesting to see what happens when chipping is mandatory, from next year. All my pets are chipped but the databases are very clunky with charges to update changes which limits the effectiveness. It is a fair point about insurance but there has to be enforcement - and I think many people don't want to accept there is an issue with their animal because the 'solution' is so often a death sentence. As loulou51 says, you don't always realise what has happened until it is too late to inform the owner. My brother was bitten on the calf not whilst actually running but chatting to the dog's owner and it was only later that he found it was a significant bite (he didn't feel much and didn't think the skin was broken) which affected his running for a wee while.

It might be useful for there to be more education for people about animals, not just pet owners - recognising danger signs and what to do. I've had more hassle from cattle, goats, geese etc TBH


The poor woman - but as others have said, most dogs are fine. I can't believe the two people who were there didn't do anything to help - whether they owned the dogs or not. Maybe that's where the law needs changing?


yeh, i would have taken a picture from my phone, followed by court action.


I run along a very busy dog walking route. I tend to meet the same dogs each run. Last night however, I encountered the usual dogs in the usual places but something was different. A chocolate Lab who I see often started to follow me he quickly got fed up as I was faster than him. Then a springy looking dog wanted to come for a run with me.

Then a Pug (who I would have taken home) kept on chasing me, barking and snapping at my heels (he couldn't get any higher :):):) ). My husband was running behind me a saw what happened. The owners called him back but didn't put him on a lead and he just kept coming back. This happened 3 times until I was too far away. My husband told me I should have just shouted at him like he is our own dog to show authority and he would have backed down (he is a Security Consultant - My husband not the Pug :) ).

We then went to MacDonalds (I know not great after a run) and there was a really annoying kid. I asked my husband if I should shout at him like he was our own but apparently this is not allowed :( .

RealfoodieclubGraduate in reply to PrincessStef

Sorry but that just made me laugh. I sort of can imagine your face in McDonald's.

poppypugGraduate in reply to Realfoodieclub

Ha ha Me too :-D , Sorry Stef :-D Ha ha xxx

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