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First Run!

Well, I had my tea after sacking off the gym after work and about 8:30pm I decided to get on my new running shoes and try and do the C25K... I think that I am jogging more than running but I was finding it hard to pace myself.

I was shattered after the last run, but when Laura said I had been running for 8 mins that made me feel great!! :)

I hope I feel like this in week 9!! :)

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Well you will if you pace yourself and go slowly. The idea is to jog slowly and walk when Laura tells you to. If you slow it right down you'll get round with puff to spare.

It's fun, so enjoy yourself. You've done the hard part of getting the shoes on and getting out there for the first time. Take a rest day and then get back out there


Well done for getting started! Just take it slow and steady, do what Laura says, take your rest days and stretch out after your runs.

Good luck - enjoy yourself!


Well that's absolutely great if you are jogging rather than running - that's what Laura asks you to do and probably a big factor in you succeeding.

(Mind you, I never describe myself as jogging, always running, even though my pace isn't actually fast enough to fit some definitions of jogging. It's a running motion!)

You've made a brilliant start and yes, you are very likely to feel at least this good at the end of Week 9.


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