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Hurrah physiology referral and cleared to run!

So after seeing a very helpful GP today who twisted my legs and hips into all sorts of weird positions he thinks it's my tendons that are inflamed giving me hip pain, he's referred me to a physio and given me ITP exercises to do. In the meantime he says keep running but take it steady, stop if it hurts during running or gets any worse. I'm very chuffed it's not something worse! He thinks it actually might be the fact I'm running on Tarmac now and haven't done before (the lovely council have tarmaced the entire tow path which is marvellous but not so great for us runners who quite likes the squishy soft ground!)

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Sounds like you've got a marvellous doctor who understand your desire to run and tries to help with that as well as your health. Wonderful!

Also wonderful that you've got exercises, referral and an ok to run in the interim. All good news :)


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