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Help required please small injury on C25K+

I am so disappointed Having graduated and decided to continue with C25K+ I was full of enthusiasm.Second run I felt a slight pain in my right thigh, slightly towards the outside of my leg.I finished the session and experienced some discomfort when walking.Rested for 5 days ,tried the run again today and decicded to stop after 15 minutes as I felt the pain again.

I am so worried that this will happen every time and that I may have to abandon running

I would appreciate any advice on this problem many thanks

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how much pain is it, on a scale of 1 to 10? If it is <5 then take an extra couple of days off and carry on as normal. if >5 then perhaps go to the Dr. You may have pulled a muscle or pinged something, but, unless you have some pre-existing health condition it is extremely unlikely you have done anything major on a 30 minute run, particularly if you made it through the programme without problem.


Thanks for yr reply.The pain is not severe just a dull ache and I am conscious of it when I walk; I have used frozen peas at intervals and a cream meant to help sprains etc I had no problem at all through the programme and that is why I am surprised to have a problem now.


I think it sounds like you do need to rest. Don't worry that time out will stop you being able to run. You've built up fitness now from the 9 weeks of c25k, and you can come back to it anytime. Don't rule out seeing a doctor even if the injury seems minor. My GP spotted that I have dropped arches and that this was causing my toe pain. She could tell this by looking at how the backs of my legs are angled. Arch supports then fixed my toe pain - easy. You may have an unevenness somewhere too, that's only appearing now you're running further/faster, something a GP could spot by looking at your gait. Good running shops can sometimes do this too...


Thanks for yr reply. I will try to find a running shop when in the UK Do not want to see GP as she is not too enthusiastic about me running! Perhaps becos I am 64 No problems during the 9 weeks which means you maybe right about the speed in C25K+ I suppose I will just have to be patient.


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