Week 8 run 3

Saturday evening with friends -too much food, too much wine and not enough sleep. Sunday wasn't the best day to run but I was determined to do my last run of week 8. My pace was slow for the 2nd km but I manged to do the furthest and my best average pace by upping my pace for the last few minutes. So even though i ran one km at 8.26 and another at 804 I managed to get my average to 7.17 by giving my all fit the last part. I was exhausted and when I got home I fell asleep on the floor but I did it. I can't believe I am just about to start week 9.

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  • Hi Lizieo, I commit the same crime of having that extra glass of wine (or two) and staying up too late, then waking on a run morning without having had enough sleep and feeling dehydrated - and I also make myself run anyway (is it punishment?). So I've introduced a water drinking rule to make myself behave better. I have a glass of water with every alcoholic drink, and I have to drink the whole glass before moving onto the next beer/wine/whatever. It really makes you conscious of how much you're drinking, and helps you feel better hydrated the next day. Maybe give it a try?

    Good luck for week 9. Don't push yourself too hard - your speed seems a tad fast? Anyway, it would be fast for me - but good if you can do it!

  • That's such a good idea! I will now implement the water rule too!

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