Schedule called for a 10k trail run this morning, but due to a series of unforeseen circumstances I was in the wrong place during the only time slot for this to happen, so ran it on road instead. Which is no biggie trainingwise, but for the fact I only had my trail shoes with me. This pair are about as minimialist as it gets. Yikes did I feel the tarmac and the impact with every step. I was considerably slower than usual as a consequence - 20 sec/km in fact, and my ankles and calves are hating me now, three hours later. on top of which it is leg day in the weight room this afternoon, which I am not looking forward to at all.


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10 Replies

  • Ouch!

  • Chuh! Life, eh? Sounds like you have a very full and well-organised schedule, Rignold. Hope ankles and calves forgive you soon.

  • sounds painful... but see it this way : there someone that is probably feeling worst :) met a guy today , he was running, pushing his kid's pushchair, holding the dog and... wearing plain shoes (no, not even flat plimsoles) ​

  • Ha ha. There's allus someone worse off to be sure! I like a man who can multi-task. Not that I know one!

    You'll be fine after a day off Rig. I find it I wear my trail shoes on the conc or Tarmac they make a horrible sucking sound. It goes through me. Shudder

    I have a niggly calf. Have done for weeks but I find now what might be irritating it. It's the dog pulling me! He pulled me particularly hard today. Bad to the bone that dawg.

  • hot bath for you tonight then :)

  • Well, I survived leg day. Not without a greater than usual amount of grimacing, gurning and groaning, it must be said. My legs are like knotted mahogany now and I am walking with the gait of the recently incontinent. I feel a long S&M date with Madame Foam Roller coming on this evening. Alcohol may have to be taken in order to facilitate this.

    Ah well, at least it's the weekend. Lie-in till 6 tomorrow before long run.

  • You really do have my deep-felt sympathies. This could so nearly have been me today, being a similar devotee of the minimalist trail shoe (I don't have any other sort) and temporarily car-less, but I was lucky in that my route did have meadows eventually and so my warm up and down walks were twice as long because I was blowed if I was going to run on the hard stuff (although on the extremely rare occasions I have done so, I have turned in faster times)

    Saw a man running on cobbles this evening and shuddered (although why this should seem so much worse than a gritstone edge I don't know....)

    Do have a delightful intimate evening with Mme Rolleur.

  • You do like to live life on the edge... Deep heat and cake??

  • I had a beer and watched Rocky 3 then got up early and hammered 16k into my legs before they realised what was going on. Recovering with Cashew butter, spinach and pancetta Egg Foo Yung now before Kenpo at 11.

  • Respect to the max. The show must go on, eh. Hope you're feeling better now.

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