After almost completing week 9 last year and then giving up completely .... I have started again from the beginning. Currently on week 2 and re-amazed by Laura's hints re breathing - taking one breath in/out per four strides ... really?? I am huffing in and puffing out with every step trying to get enough air in! I know fitness should improve over time but at week 2??! Is anyone managing to do this?

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  • I couldn't do that at week 2 either, but I put that down to being an ex smoker!! Currently on last run of week 8 and my breathing has improved immensly so there is light at the end of the tunnel don't worry :)

  • Just breathe as you usually do. Normally. You'll be fine

  • Me too. I usually manage 3 strides out, 2 strides in. But often it's 2 and 2.

    I do sometimes in my run try to slow my breathing down (or even breath in though my nose, instead of gasping like a beached fish). Getting it under control like that forces me to run more slowly, so I then get a bit of my breath back, and don't feel like I'm about to keel over.

    Personally, I don't worry too much about the breathing at this stage. So no, you are not alone. :)

  • Just breath normally! I breath deeply through my nose if I feel I need more puff :)

  • As the others say, don't get hung up on the breathing. I never managed any nose breathing until I learned to slow down to an easy pace - and that was a revelation and did not happen until after graduation.

  • Well done on restarting - I think Laura give you these "Tips" to give you something to think about instead of thinking "God I can't run any further". I still can't breathe like she wants me to and I had singing training all my childhood (so thought I would be able to control my breathing :) ) . I try singing out loud to songs on my phone whilst running this forces you to breathe/run slower. Don't worry about it. Happy Running

  • Laura does in later weeks start talking about breathing. I have followed that technique and it worked for me. I have athsma and the breathing part was something that I was worried about at the start. Basically if you breath on 4 steps, and breath in on 4 steps, you are covering distance, but slowing your breathing. You then start concentrating on that and before long you have covered a lot of distance without knowing it.

    therunningbug also have this video to help if you wanted a bit more.

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