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Back from the back man

Fingers crossed I'll be back running on Monday.

My back was out of line causing the pain. He said he sees it a lot with people who have just taken up running.

He started off gently massaging my back and then put acupuncture needles in and left me to chill out for 20 minutes. But then he came back. Ouch. He stretched my back out - boy did it hurt.

But he thinks that should sort it. he said tomorrow I'll probably wish I'd never been to him and for me to take it easy over the weekend but I should be fine for running on Monday. And he sees no reason why I can't run.

So back to wk 5, day 1 on Monday and, fingers crossed, back to three days a week running.

I've so missed it.

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My fingers are crossed too!


That is good news! From a fellow back pain sufferer to another - I wish you happy running :)


Good news even if there is some short term pain.

All the best.


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