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Janda's first Parkrun


I finally did it and joined my local Parkrun.what fun. I clocked 24:38 and placed 28/57. The run was a real first for me, getting out there with other people, trying to do our best. Everyone was pretty serious about it all, no matter their time or ability or whatever. First place went to a bloke in the 55-59 age group in 18:37 followed by an under 14 year old less than a minute behind. In fact half the top 10 were under 14 and the others were over 50. Makes you think, doesn't it? And the kids all seemed to be club runners too.

Funny thing about this Parkrun was just how heavy-legged I felt. I felt the same on Thursday when I did a paced tempo run (1.5k slow, 5k @ 5.19mins per km, 1.5k slow)? But I still fought it and finished faster than I thought I could do. It felt like I had got to the end of a difficult half term, which in fact I had. Just as well I have half term break next week and a 'recovery week' running.

Next event is the Hampstead Midsummer 10k. I hope to add a couple of Parkruns around that but will need to see how it fits in with my intended schedule prep for the Brentwood Half Marathon.

Thanks for reading and keep on running.

Oh ... a photo from this morning.

Technical problems seem to mean that the photo will have to wait till I can shrink it.

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Well done, on doing yrou first Parkrun and in a brilliant time, too. That's interesting that the first runner was a male Super Vet, then a juniors and more Vet/Super Vets.

I really dislike it when I feel heavy-legged. I've felt that way during my last two tempo runs, too - although my tempo pace is 30secs/km slower that yours - and with no excuse.


Great Parkrun time. Did being out there with others spur you on to go faster than you would normally?

And how interesting about the ages of the finishers. Is that unusual or normal for a Parkrun?

If you're having trouble resziing your photo, there are one or two online sites that will do it fairly painlessly (eg. picresize.com )


Good on you James! Great work and nice to see you again, delia :-)

jandaGraduate in reply to DeliaItaly

Thanks Delia. I haven't gone away really. I just find time a bit a little bit scarce at the moment. Half term break so I will try to get a few posts in this week. James


Great time, first time is harder because you don't know the route, you'll probably find you're even faster next time.

Interesting age result, our first runners tend to be between 20-50, we have a young 20 something who is first most weeks. The j14s rarely getting top 10, being so much smaller. Anyway, marshaling yesterday I was impressed by everyone, PR really is a fabulous event! Hope you will enjoy many more.


Thanks for the post notbad. I have few excuses with the route as it is my local park (5 minutes from my front door!) Hoping for a next Parkrun in July as June looks difficult. Got a 10k at the end of June so that is my next test. Prep is focused on that for now.

Must look at previous times to see the demographics. Cheers!

notbadGraduate in reply to janda

Good luck for the 10k, I'm sure you'll ace it with 5k time like that, you're doing c25k proud! :-)

Yeeeah! Well done James! Been looking out for your blogs-nicely headed, so I couldn't miss it, lol!! So good to see you back. Not heard hide nor hair of Matthew (IronMatt).

Good luck with the Park Run 10K at the end of June. I still haven't joined the park run here in Poole. Approaching the end of the 0-5K programme for the second time. The time has flown by. Start week 8 tomorrow-28 minute runs. Finding it so much easier this time round-more able to push the last 5 minutes. No problems with the knee either.

Hope you enjoy 1/2 term, and then onto your new posting, then the Brentwood 1/2 marathon, wow!

Keep on Running :-)

Colette xx

What a great parkrun time Janda. Amazingly Well done! I started doing parkrun before I could run the whole way as the community is great. Very encouraging whatever stage you're at. I did my first 10k this month and found it's very easy to start too fast and then really struggle at the end. All the best - I hope you get your pacing right.

Happy running!

Great wish I could do that well done

jandaGraduate in reply to twigg


Great result for your first parkrun, well done! :)

jandaGraduate in reply to Rollertoaster

Thanks for the post.


Great achievement James, you must be pleased with your time, enjoy the training for both the 10K and HM :-)

jandaGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks Phil. I am very pleased with the time though it did seem like pretty hard work. (I guess it should be like hard work!) Away for the weekend so trying to rearrrange my week's training . Hope all is well with you after your super fast 10k and planned half marathon. Good luck and Happy running.

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