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Enjoyed week 8 run 1 this morning

After my week 7 run 3 disappointment I thought about the encouragement you gave me while I was doing week 8 run 1 this morning and before I knew it I had completed 28 minutes running! I had to stop for a few seconds for the traffic lights to change but I tackled all the hills without stopping and it felt good!

I don't use any other running apps apart from C25K with Laura so I have to look on google maps to see how far I am running. I extended my route a little more today to take account of the extra minutes in week 8 so I went back to google maps to check out the distance I got a surprise! I had been looking at the distance in miles so it wasn't 2.7k I did today, it was 2.7 miles which is 4.4k. Now I am even more please with myself!

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Great Stuff Trish, You are nearly there now. So glad things went better today! :-)


you don't want to get your KM's and miles mixed up ;) really don't worry about the distance to much it really is just about completing the timed runs 28 min's and 30 min's :D


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