I hesitate to say Parkrun, but I just did my first one. Ambled around, ran all the way but slowly and didn't push too hard, had some lovely tunes playing, no MapmyRun or anything so have no idea of the time but I'm actually not bothered which is great, because I thought I would be (Came in about 15th from last but who cares I guess I'll get faster!)

There was a real carnival atmosphere because the Marathon is tomorrow and the Mini Mile later today, so all the barriers and tents were up in the park. The barriers meant it was very narrow at the start so we all had to walk for the first 30 seconds or so, and it started throwing it down with rain halfway round but I'm so glad I've done my first one.

Also...if anyone is interested, Garmin 10s are cheap on Amazon at the mo, I picked up a lilac one for £53 (inc post). No more trying to fiddle about with iTunes/MapmyRun, and I can go back to my trusty old iPod!


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  • Well done! I did my first park run last weekend it's a great feeling isn't it? Like you I was in the last 20 with a time of 37minutes, but I'm not bothered - we did it :)

  • Hi Allie, I just did the same parkrun and also came in about 15th from the back, so we were probably running together! Well done for your first one. That was my fourth - I've enjoyed them more each time I've done them :) Great atmosphere out there today. VERY glad not to be running the marathon tomorrow though!!

  • Oh! How funny! Get us, eh? Will look out for you next week! xx

  • You can't miss me at the end - bright red hair and a bright red face!

  • T hat sounds like the perfect way to start. Well done for getting out and giving it a go and now you know what to expect for next time.

  • Well done AllieG a great run and a garmin too what could be better ;-)

  • Well done on your first Parkrun!!!! I went to cheer on some family and friends today. I was clapping away for 40 minutes just to keep my hands warm. I love seeing all the different ages, sizes, shapes and styles. It is a real celebration for getting out there and doing your own thing whilst being part of a community.

    Also thanks for the Garmin tip off. It was a similar price about 3 weeks ago but I pondered and missed it! Now purchased :)

  • Yay!!!!🏆 well done! Who cares about how long, you did it!!!

  • Well done everybody! I did my second Parkrun today (a different one to last week, and I enjoyed it more). Results aren't out yet, but I ran a 5k PB of 33:27.

  • Nice one.

    So many first time Parkrunners today.

  • Brilliant Allie,

    Congratulations on your first parkrun and glad you enjoyed it. As Punch would say "that's the way to do it!" :-)

  • Brill.... Well done toi!!!

  • Well done Allied and thanks for the heads up re the Garmin 10 - one is winging it's way to me now 😊

  • My mouse hovered over the Garmin 10 for quite some time and I could't quite do it, although it is a real bargain! I'm jealous of you guys! I think I'll start a Garmin jar and see if the loose change adds up in time for the next offer.

  • I did um and ah for a while... Got a very little bonus from work though so blew it all!

  • I just bought a very fetching visor and running shorts for running along the beach in the sunshine, so had kind of used up my running quota!

  • My birthday is coming up and my Mum sent me some money so this seemed like a good early birthday present, especially as she has been so pleased to see my progress in fitness and weight - loss since starting this programme.

  • That's fab, enjoy! Let me know what it's like if you get chance

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